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McLaren P1 v Porsche 918 v Ducati 1199

McLaren P1 v Porsche 918 v Ducati 1199

Here’s a video shootout that’ll have you salivating. Autocar runs the fearsome McLaren P1 up against the amazing Porsche 918 Spyder. And for good measure they bring a Ducati 1199 along for a few laughs. Remember, it’s the superbike which gives its engine to the funky Volkswagen XL Sport.

Of course, there is a lot more to read from Autocar about the merits of these two hyperhybrids, including this bit:

Ultimately, the 918 handles, rides and steers like a big daddy version of every senior-level Porsche from the past 10 years, and that’s exactly how Porsche’s engineers wanted it to feel. Which is great, but…

The P1’s chassis, particularly its aerodynamic grip, really is something else again. At normal road speeds you rarely, if ever, notice what kind of sorcery is going on around you, because to get those wings to do their thing you need to be travelling at least somewhere close to three figures.

Naturally, Autocar wanted the LaFerrari to join in the fun too, but…

There was one simple reason for the absence of Ferrari’s rival hypercar here: Maranello was invited to provide a car for this test but declined. At the same time, Ferrari made it clear that were we to test a private example, we would not be invited back to Maranello any time soon.

[Source: Autocar]

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Paris 2014: Volkswagen XL Sport

Volkswagen XL Sport concept

This is the Volkswagen XL Sport concept and if there’s a cooler car on show in Paris, we can’t wait to see it. So what makes this new concept so appealing?

Firstly, it’s based on the quirky carbon-fibre XL1 city car, which we like a lot. But sealing the deal is the Ducati 1199 Superleggera V2 engine stuffed inside that funky body. The “world’s most powerful two-cylinder” is good for 147kW and screams its nuts off all the way to 11,000rpm.

The XL Sport weighs just 890kg and if you can’t put that in the same sentence as 147kW and come up with a massive smile then you’re just no fun at all.

Surprisingly, though, those numbers, along with a 7-speed DSG, only yield a 0–100km/h time of 5.7 seconds. Although, with that low slung body it would likely feel a lot faster. So too the 270km/h top speed.

What a cool thing this is. Bravo Volkswagen, bravo!


Who wants a turn in this Ducati-powered XL Sport?

Volkswagen XL Sport

The Volkswagen XL1 is made for a future where fuel efficiency is mandatory, not just something nice to have. With it’s diesel-electric hybrid drivetrain capable of rationing fuel at the rate of just 0.9l/100km it really will drive your dollar further.

So what are we to make of this XL Sport, then? Addressing students at the Vienna University of Technology Ferdinand Piech, Volkswagen Group boss, presented this aggressive looking project car which throws out all of the miserly principles the XL1 was built on.

The XL Sport is powered by a 140kW V-twin engine nicked from a Ducati 1199 Panigale R and we think it looks like a lot of fun. Remember, the XL1 weighs just 795kg (unladen).

We don’t think this is the mooted XR1 model we reported on back in July, but we’d not be surprised if Projekt XL Sport is the concept on which the XR1 could be based.

Hopefully we’ll learn more about the XL Sport from official channels very soon.

[Source: Bild via Autoblog]


LA 2010: AMG forms alliance with Ducati

AMG & Ducati

Announced at the LA Auto Show is news of a formal cooperation agreement with Mercedes-Benz performance arm AMG with Italian superbike maker Ducati. In its early visible form this new partnership will be seen with AMG sponsoring the Ducati MotoGP team.

Other activities would see Ducati motor cycles available for test rides at AMG performance days and so on. It’s all about exploring new markets that suit each brand. Ola Källenius, CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH explains, “AMG and Ducati ideally complement each other, as both companies share the same values: racing as the driving passion, and high performance plus exclusivity as the central brand messages of both AMG and Ducati. This long-term cooperation will help us to jointly access new customer groups.”

You can read the full press release after the break.

UPDATE 22 November: According to Autocar AMG is keen to take its relationship with Ducati to the next level by buying the Italian superbike maker. Click HERE for more.

Formula 1 Motorsports Video

Stoner ices Massa

European winters don’t seem to bring motorsport promo opportunities to a halt. In this clip (with disturbingly catchy tunes) you can see Australia’s own Casey Stoner, 2007 MotoGP world champion, teaching Ferrari’s Felipe Massa how to drive. Go Aussie!

If the above clip doesn’t work, try HERE.

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