MINI keeps motoring journalists in the cold

MINI r57 Convertible launched in snowy conditions

In true MINI fashion, the European media launch of their new convertible recently took place in the Austrian alps. Of course! After all, it is a perfect location for a roof down soirée! I admit -6°C temperatures would present a challenge to MINI’s “Always open” idiom, but I’d like to think I’d give it a go.

Newly launched website did just that, and was there to file a report. Of particular interest is how the new generation compared to the previous MINI convertible…

“Having previously driven, reviewed, and even lived with both the second generation MINI Cooper S and the previous generation of MINI Convertible, the questions we really wanted answered were how well had MINI spliced these two cars together to produce a better, more complete MINI Convertible. How was the handling? How much did the new pop-up rear roll-over bar improve visibility? How much improved was the new hood? And for how long could we keep the roof down in the challenging, chilly environment.

On just about every account, the MINI acquitted itself admirably. The only yardstick of any true value had to be the first generation MINI Convertible, which although a real pleasure to drive, did have several shortcomings that were all too obvious for owners, as well as casual observers and reviewers, if entirely forgivable for any fan.”

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Source: theSwitchback

MINI Challenge Motorsports News

Grant Denyer monstered by big truck

Grant DenyerMINI CHALLENGE driver and Seven Network personality Grant Denyer recently suffered a back injury when a monster truck drive went, well, a bit wrong. Denyer has been driving the big rig for Clive Featherby for the last six months, just one of the many motoring events Denyer participates in. The incident happened at the NSW Monster Truck Championships held at the Dapto showgrounds last weekend. Fortunately, Grant Denyer’s crash was not serious and although he did spend a night in hospital under observation, he is expected to make a full recovery.

Speaking of the moments after the accident Featherby said, “At least Grant’s in one piece thank goodness. Even before the ambulance arrived he was telling me he wanted to drive the truck again when he got better.”

Denyer currently holds a slender lead in the inaugural series of the Australian MINI CHALLENGE. He has a heavy schedule planned at the next round of racing which coincides with the Super Cheap Auto 1000 at Bathurst on 12 October. We wish Grant a quick and speedy recovery.

Messages of support can be left for Grant at the Aussie MINI CHALLENGE Army on Facebook.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald (Thanks to Lee for sending this in.)