I hope you enjoy this short clip from No techobable or overtly gushing PR blurb, just a nifty video using GPS to communicate.


Ireland’s North West 200

Anyone who knows what the North West 200 is will know the event was held in mid-May this year, however, I just caught a few minutes of highlights on FoxSports 2 here in Australia. I don’t know a hell of a lot about the race, but I recall seeing some highlights last year as well, and I recall how spectacular this event is. For those that don’t know about the North West 200, it is, essentially, madness on two wheels.

Think balls of steel, handlebar to handlebar action, on closed public roads. The North West 200 was first held in 1929. The current course is 9 miles in length and is run on a triangle shaped course linking the villages of Portrush, Portstewart and Coleraine.

Enjoy the clip above, which is a full lap of the circuit, filmed from an on-board camera. If you enjoy that, check out the BBC Northern Island’s NW200 website, it has some excellent information and lots of video footage to be amazed by.

Of course, racing of this nature has inherent dangers and the 2008 event will be remembered for the death of Robert Dunlop. From all accounts, he was a great bloke, and a bloody good rider, who had achieved plenty of success in the NW 200.

Top Gear

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Top Gear in Vietnam

*updated—15 December* Confirmed by Jeremy Clarkson at the end of Episode 7 last Sunday, the Vietnam Special will go to air in the UK on Sunday 28 December.

*updated—12 October* Pics of the Top Gear team filming in Vietnam have now surfaced on Facebook. There’s a few more included below, or follow the link from Gaz in the comments section for more [Edit: The Facebook album is no longer accessible]… Extra pics have been removed at the request of the original photographer. For all the latest on this episode, keep an eye on the FinalGear forums.

Series 12 of Top Gear (UK) is expected air on UK screens in November, so it was with great anticipation I heard some interesting news about what to expect in the new series. As this article is being written the Top Gear crew are in Vietnam preparing to film their next in-country challenge. Firm details are sketchy, but it is expected that Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May will be using motorbikes, instead of cars, taking a route from Ho Chi Minh City in the south before finishing up in Hanoi in north, with a visit to the World Heritage site of Halong Bay along the way.

Top Gear is developing quite a body of work for its in-country challenges, with the United States, Botswana and Japan just some of the locations the lads have tackled. No doubt this Vietnam Special, with the potential of seeing the three hosts riding motorbikes, will provide great entertainment. I understand there’s a very interesting powered watercraft waiting for the guys, which is bound to see one of them taking a swan dive.