Oprah shows off new New Beetle silhouette

Volkswagen New Beetle

Oprah Winfrey has revealed the profile of Volkswagen’s new New Beetle. Of course, who else! Well, what do you think? It looks a bit old skool 911, if you squint your eyes, hold breath and think of flowers in your hair in San Francisco.

Apparently the stunt is all part of Oprah’s goodbye tour in which she will be giving a fleet of 275 Beetles away to audience members. Due for release in 2012, or possibly late in 2011, the New Beetle is scheduled for production at Puebla, Mexico from around September next year.

There has been previous speculation that VW will reveal their new “icon” at the Detroit Auto Show in January. However, this rumour was quashed by Volkswagen of America boss, Jonathon Browning, when he confirmed that Oprah had been granted an early preview of the New Beetle. He went on to say that the public wouldn’t get to see the car until their Spring in 2011 (our Autumn).

We’ve spared you the video of Oprah’s audience hooting and hollering, but if you must, follow the source link below to the see the drama for yourself.

[Source: Autoblog]