BMW ‘M1’ spy shots

BMW 'M1' spy shot

The thought of an ‘M’ badged 1 Series is one that will make most enthusiasts go weak at the knees. Talk of a baby ‘M1’ has been around for a while, but speculation has generally been a bit wishy-washy in terms of will they, or won’t they make it. BMW specialist website BimmerFile have been quite firmly placed in the yes they will build it camp and these spy shots justify their position.

So what are we seeing here? Try as it might the BMW trademark swirl disguise cannot hide the car’s flared guards (see second pic after the jump). Those guards are probably hiding some very tasty hardware, too. Namely drivetrain components from the M3, such as an adapted rear axle, including mechanical rear diff.

Wider bodywork would also allow for an increased track. Couple that with the 18″ wheels from the new M3 Competition Package and cornering stability should be improved.

Also note that the rear exhaust is dual-tipped on the left side only. No quad-tipped exhaust as on the M3. Sure, this may be part of the development process, but a single exit exhaust would allow for a less complex arrangement for a 1 Series that is already tightly packed at the rear. It’s also a bit old skool, too, which is nice.

Will this car be badged as the ‘M1’? That is not yet certain, perhaps BMW will extend its nomenclature from the X5 M and call this car the 1 M. If you’re dead against the ‘M1’ nameplate being revived, then click here to re-live the grand old days.

There’s more info, speculation and inside word on the ‘M1’ across at BimmerFile, so make sure you follow the link below to be kept up to date.

[Source: BimmerFile, via 1addicts]

BMW 'M1' spy shot

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Lima, what the Bimmerfile article doesn’t say is that the interior is also going to be a bit special in that it will bring back the M patterns ala E30/36. I think the rear is fake also as the M1 will have an aggresive rear diffuser unlike the 135i. I would buy this car if BMW put a version of the E46 engine in there. But given it is going to be a hotted up 135i engine, I’m not interested as I’ve already done that myself.

Yeah not a huge step up. All the 135i needs is a LSD to make it such a better car. Tune, intake and exhaust and it would more than likely out run a M3 around a circuit purely due to its weight advantage

I’m kind-of digging the 60’s psychedelic camouflage look. I think I’ve seen it in so many spy-pics now that it starting to imprint on my brain.

I’m with vagabond.

It is only a matter of time before people start putting the psychadelic swirls on the side of their own cars, emulating the spy shots of test cars.

Trust me, it will happen.

Then again maybe it already has!

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