Grand Prix of America on hold until 2014?

Grand Prix of America, New Jersey

The inaugural Grand Prix of America is due to be held in June 2013. However, Bernie Ecclestone has, again, suggested next year may be one year too soon and that a 2014 debut could be on the cards.

Giving mixed messages Ecclestone told the BBC that the race would “definitely” not go ahead in 2013, amid concerns the track would not be ready in time. Contradicting himself slightly he followed by saying the race would be on next year if organisers are ready.

“We’ll have to see, I need to go and have another look,” Ecclestone said. “What I’ve seen up to now, and what’s been going on, I’m not quite as sure as they are.

“If they can get it completed and confirm to us it will be done, for sure, they’ll be on the calendar.”

Of course, this could just be a typically Bernie tactic of making sure the organisers get a wriggle on and meet their deadlines.

After visiting the New Jersey site as part of a recent promotion, Sebastian Vettel agreed there’s a lot of work to be done, but thinks there should be enough time to finalise preparations for 2013.

“The circuit is not anywhere near close to being ready,” declared Vettel. “I think you can do a lot in one year. It was exactly one year since I last went to New York. They are building the Freedom Tower in Manhattan, and it’s nearly done.

“If they can do that in one year, it shouldn’t be a big problem to lay some Tarmac and put some fences up.”

[Source: BBC]