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Audi RS3 growls around the Nordschleife

Audi RS3 prototype

We really like the sound of Audi’s inline five cylinder. It’s a unique growl that heightens the senses. And thankfully it seems Ingolstadt is intent on keeping its famed 2.5 litre five pot in the next-gen RS3.

Here’s a clip of an RS3 test mule being put through its paces around the Nürburgring. The body is pretty much standard S3—look to the A3 clubsport quattro for new RS3 inspiration—but there’s no mistaking this car’s five cylinder heart.

Peak power in the RS3 will have to be at least 300kW (400hp) just to keep people interested, but perhaps, like that clubsport quattro Audi will go well beyond 300kW.

Previously it has been suggested we might see the RS3 this year. Latest guesswork says we should expect the RS3 in Geneva next March. We’ll be waiting!

[Thanks to John for the tip]

4 replies on “Audi RS3 growls around the Nordschleife”

through the SS’s at the 55sec mark, the RS3 looked very impressive. Not a hint of understeer, it actually controlled oversteered through there. That would be a first for the HALDEX system. Maybe Audi have finally cracked tuning the HALDEX to make it more a drivers car.

Love the sound of the 5 cylinder. All it needs is an aftermarket exhaust and hello Group B S1 sound.

Sad thing is even if Australia gets any allocation of RS3’s (which I doubt), they will be well north of $100K. Just not worth it. I’d pay $80K drive away max for a new one though.

Oh, regarding the lack of understeer, supposedly the Haldex in the AMG 45 is tuned better than VAG’s usual offering so perhaps this Eichler fellow has a few tricks on that front too, as well as his engine knowledge.

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