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VIDEO: Episode 10 of Project Binky

Project Binky, Episode 10

Nik, Richard and the world’s coolest and most over engineered car are back with Episode 10 of Project Binky. Working the Bad Obsession Motorsport lads into a lather this episode were the problems of installing the pedal box and the steering assembly.

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Don’t know anything about cars, but this is very funny and reminds me of my Dad who loved to weld and change everything to create things that he thought were more useful!

Fantastic Project and very Inspiring. I have recently commenced a project using a classic Mini Body Shell. This project involves constructing a reproduction of a Neville Trikett Mini Sprint along the lines of his original GT Racer. This shell will be lowered in height by 4 inches and the original Windscreen and Rear Window will be fitted to re raked opening frames. This project is being carried out on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

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