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“Faster than an original McLaren F1”

Chris Harris is taking a week off from his Drive duties, which means we can bring you up to speed with what he did in his last video. You may have already seen it, but if not here he is waxing lyrical about the McLaren 650S. As is customary now, we get a bit of […]

Nico Rosberg wins 2014 Australian GP

As I write this belated race report take your mind back to a time where all fuel flow monitors were created equal… Nico Rosberg cruised to a dominant victory in Melbourne to start what could be a dominant year for the Mercedes AMG team. And yet the headline story is the second place finish by […]

Geneva 2014: McLaren 650S & 650S Spider

We already knew McLaren would unveil its new 650S Coupé at the Geneva Motor Show, and we knew there would be a 650S at some stage too. We didn’t know both would be taking centre stage under the bright lights in Geneva. The 650S, then, is a cross between a 12C and a P1, in […]

VIDEO: Harris and Goodwin talk McLaren P1

The start of last week’s Drive video on the McLaren P1 began with Chris Harris chatting casually about the car with Chris Godwin. Sure there were no smoking tyres or screaming V8 sounds, but it was still just as entertaining. This week Drive has given us another 28 minutes of P1, this time it’s just […]

F1 winter testing: Bahrain I day 2

Pre-season testing lap times aren’t always a reliable guide as to who is fast, yet McLaren rookie Kevin Magnussen can do no more than his best and overnight in Bahrain his best (1:34.910) was 1.5 seconds better than anyone else. “The team is doing a great job to help me,” Magnussen said afterwards. “They’re giving […]

VIDEO: Chris Harris has a go in the McLaren P1

Chris Harris is the latest to be given some seat time in the McLaren P1. And we’re very thankful for that, too. The clip goes for over 28 minutes and the serious business of driving fast doesn’t start until the end of the video. At the start, though, Harris and McLaren’s Chris Goodwin discuss some […]

McLaren 650S Coupé officially previewed

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McLaren has reacted to leaked images of the new 650S by giving us a handful of images and a few details to go with. This comment from the press release pretty much sums up the current approach: “Performance figures will be confirmed ahead of the Geneva Show but will improve on the already rapid 12C […]

McLaren MP4-29 infographic

McLaren Racing has been kind enough to share with the world an infographic which takes us through some of the key changes for the 2014 F1 season and, of course, its MP4-29 racecar. Check it out after the break.