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The 2013 Formula 1 season in pictures

For our annual Christmas Day special we must once again bow at the altar of Sebastian Vettel. The German wunderkind won his fourth consecutive world championship. After the break you can follow links to all 19 of our F1 in pictures galleries from 2013. And if you want to reflect on the nine career wins […]

Mark Webber’s F1 race wins in pictures

It’s our turn now to pay respects to Mark Webber’s 12-year Formula 1 career. We’re doing so by offering up a pictorial reminder of Mark’s nine grand prix wins. On the one had his maiden victory at the 2009 German Grand Prix seems like it happened only yesterday. Yet, so much has happened since that […]

2013 Japanese Grand Prix in pictures

On the surface Sebastian Vettel’s win at the Japanese Grand Prix looked to be a solid victory crafted with determination and a solid strategy. The conspiracy theorists out there would suggest Red Bull’s decision to keep Vettel on a two-stop strategy, while switching Mark Webber to a three-stopper, was all about providing an opportunity for […]

2013 Belgian Grand Prix in pictures

Here’s your lot, recapturing Vettel’s dominance, from the scenic Ardennes mountains. It’s a majestic circuit in a beautiful location. Everyone loves Spa-Francorchamps! We loved Mark Webber’s scenic bike ride and we also loved the many views of Eau Rouge. It’s easy to dismiss the corner in these times when an F1 car can just nail […]