Bugatti Chiron previewed in gaming fantasy?

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo

This rather cool looking beast is officially called the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo. It’s been created for the virtual world only.

“The Bugatti design team normally works only for the exclusive and very distinguished circle of the brand’s customers,” explained Achim Anscheidt, the head of Bugatti Design. “When the target group suddenly grows from 450 Veyron owners to several million fans, gamers and high performance aficionados, it is a very exciting matter. We had a lot of fun with this project.”

Visually the car draws on the Le Mans winning Bugatti Type 57s from 1937 and 1939 and they go to some pains to point out that while this is a fantasyland creation they wanted it to be connected to reality. Indeed, the press release below states, “the virtual race car was developed in close cooperation with the Bugatti engineers and is based on cutting-edge racing technology and precise aerodynamic analyses.”

So let’s add to the speculation and say this is pretty much a concept car for the Chiron, the car tasked with replacing the iconic Veyron. Further adding to that theory is the fact Bugatti will rock up to the Frankfurt Motor Show with a 1:1 scale model of the Vision Gran Turismo.

Of course any such road car, predicted to cost €2.2 million (AU$3.5 million), won’t feature all of the garish wings and aero adornments for racing, but perhaps we’re being prepared for a very much Veyron-inspired evolutionary design.


2016 Bugatti Chiron rendered

2016 Bugatti Chiron rendering

While I was driving around Germany in April Car magazine published this rendering of the new Bugatti Chiron. It will be the replacement for the iconic Veyron.

What can we expect from the Mk2 Veyron? Let’s start with a reworked version of the 16-cylinder engine found in the old car. Power is expected to peak at a mammoth 1500hp (1100kW), matched by a staggering 1500Nm of torque. There’s also rumours of some electric hybrid gubbins featuring to help achieve that eye-watering headline power figure.

The Chiron’s v-max is predicted top out at licence-wrecking 463km/h (288mph) and the increasingly irrelevant 0–100km/h sprint will be all over in just 2.0 seconds.

Oh mama!

Maybe the Veyron I saw lapping the Nürburgring during an Industry Pool session (pictured below) was a precursor to the Chiron?

[Source: Car]


Louis Chiron to inspire Veyron replacement

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse

As the all-conquering Bugatti Veyron begins to drive off into the distance word has come through that its replacement will be called the Chiron.

According to the Bugatti website, Louis Chiron helped forge the company’s strong racing heritage, as well as being a bit of a player:

Women had always been responsible for the most significant developments in Chiron’s life, and in fact his success with the fairer sex can be directly attributed to a woman – a Russian noblewoman who financed his private school education, music lessons, and courses in etiquette, thus providing the necessary training for him to become a true lady’s man.

Fortunately for Bugatti, Chiron was also able to score on the podium, as well as the dance floor:

Chiron won his first races with Bugatti’s Type Brescia, Type 30 and later the Type 35 and Type 35 B – all courtesy of the unwitting Hoffmann. Early highlights of his career were victories in the 1926 Grand Prix of Comminges and the 1927 Grand Prix of France as well as his fourth place that same year in the Grand Prix of Europe at Brooklands, England. In 1928, Chiron joined the Bugatti company team and continued his winning streak in Rome, Reims, San Sebastian, and in the Grand Prix of Europe at Monza.

For more details about what we can expect form the Chiron, predicted to boast 1100kW, read our previous update from last month.

[Source: Car & Driver]


Bugatti Veyron successor too fast to test?

Bugatti Veyron Mk2 rendering

According to new information from Autocar the successor to the almighty Bugatti Veyron could be so fast it could be almost impossible to test its full potential.

The Mk2 Veyron—it’s actual name is not known at this stage—is expected to be powered by a hybrid powertrain. The heavy lifting will be done by a derivative of the current Veyron’s 8.0 litre W16 engine, with extra spice added by an electric motor mounted in the housing of the 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

Peak power could be as high as 1479hp (1100kW), that’s a staggering 300hp more than the Veyron Super Sport. Torque could be capped at 1100ft-lb (1491Nm) in order to preserve the transmission. Put all that together and the Super Sport’s 2.5 second 0-100km/h record could be broken, with 2.3 seconds the suggested target.

Which brings us to guesses about the Mk2 Veyron’s top speed. The current best for a Veyron is 268mph (431km/h), which was controversially set by the Super Sport. An increased use of lightweight materials is hoped to bring the car well under the 184okg weight of the Super Sport which means, in theory, that its 431km/h v-max can be comfortably bettered.

However, the trick will be finding a stretch of road long enough and a set of tyres robust enough to withstand such speed. We expect that will all be achievable and won’t be at all surprised to see a street-legal production car go beyond 450km/h. Which is just mind blowing, really.

There’s still around 15 build slots left (out of 450) for the current Veyron, as such concrete plans for its replacement are yet to be announced, but it seems as though the development program is well underway.

“Five developmental prototypes with differing powertrain combinations have been constructed up to now,” one source confirmed. “They are based on the existing car 
but use various solutions 
that are being considered for the new model.”

Also of note is talk that Bugatti could fit the new car with electric turbochargers. This would be done in order to improve low-end torque and could bring the added benefit of lower thermal temperatures.

Styling isn’t expected to stray too far from the Mk1 Veyron and we thank Autocar for making this rendering available in 2000px super sizing.

[Source: Autocar]