2016 Bugatti Chiron rendered

2016 Bugatti Chiron rendering

While I was driving around Germany in April Car magazine published this rendering of the new Bugatti Chiron. It will be the replacement for the iconic Veyron.

What can we expect from the Mk2 Veyron? Let’s start with a reworked version of the 16-cylinder engine found in the old car. Power is expected to peak at a mammoth 1500hp (1100kW), matched by a staggering 1500Nm of torque. There’s also rumours of some electric hybrid gubbins featuring to help achieve that eye-watering headline power figure.

The Chiron’s v-max is predicted top out at licence-wrecking 463km/h (288mph) and the increasingly irrelevant 0–100km/h sprint will be all over in just 2.0 seconds.

Oh mama!

Maybe the Veyron I saw lapping the Nürburgring during an Industry Pool session (pictured below) was a precursor to the Chiron?

[Source: Car]

Ferrari Video

Ferrari FXX K in video

Ferrari FXX K

The obscenely named Ferrari FXX K made its debut at the Finali Mondiali show at the Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi recently. After the break there’s a few videos of the FXX Ker in action.

There’s only going to be 40 made and at €2.5 million a pop you’re going to have to love your track days!


Ferrari FXX K revealed

Ferrari FXX K

Ferrari has announced the extreme version of its LaFerrari, it’s called the FXX K. Designed for track use only and described by Ferrari as a “laboratory-car” the FXX K has limitations only placed by Ferrari, no competition or road standards apply here.

The V12 hybrid produces 772kW (1050CV), a pleasant 64kW increase over the LaFerrari. The bulk of that increase has come from the 6.2 litre V12, which now pumps out a maximum 632kW (860CV), up from 588kW (800CV). Those gains have been made in part thanks to reworked intake manifolds, a modified valve train and the removal of mufflers from the exhaust. Oh yes, it will be loud!

At this stage no performance figures have been published. Although, to be fair, the car is in its early stages here and hasn’t actually been released for sale to Ferrari’s chosen few. For now, we just have to make do with rumours of a previously unimaginable Nürburgring lap time (6:35).

You can see in these few pictures that Ferrari has given the LaFerrari’s aero package a pretty solid makeover. The bodywork is now 30mm lower at the front and inspired by Ferrari’s knowledge gained from GT racing in the WEC. Those small rear wings also do more than it appears they would and complement the extreme rear diffuser.

All told downforce has been increased by around 50% when in low drag spec and 30% in high drag configuration. To put that into clearer numbers, the FXX K creates 540kg of downforce at 200km/h.

Running on Pirelli slicks and with recalibrated electronic control systems designed for trackday fun this is one multi-million dollar Ferrari we would all love to drive!

McLaren Porsche Video

VIDEO: McLaren P1 v Porsche 918 Spyder

McLaren P1 v Porsche 918 Spyder

It’s the McLaren P1 versus the Porsche 918 Spyder. It’s Evo. It’s Angelsey. This needs no further introduction.

Suffice to say, like Jethro, I’d be prepared to sell my soul. And I suspect you would too.

McLaren Porsche Video

McLaren P1 v Porsche 918 v Ducati 1199

McLaren P1 v Porsche 918 v Ducati 1199

Here’s a video shootout that’ll have you salivating. Autocar runs the fearsome McLaren P1 up against the amazing Porsche 918 Spyder. And for good measure they bring a Ducati 1199 along for a few laughs. Remember, it’s the superbike which gives its engine to the funky Volkswagen XL Sport.

Of course, there is a lot more to read from Autocar about the merits of these two hyperhybrids, including this bit:

Ultimately, the 918 handles, rides and steers like a big daddy version of every senior-level Porsche from the past 10 years, and that’s exactly how Porsche’s engineers wanted it to feel. Which is great, but…

The P1’s chassis, particularly its aerodynamic grip, really is something else again. At normal road speeds you rarely, if ever, notice what kind of sorcery is going on around you, because to get those wings to do their thing you need to be travelling at least somewhere close to three figures.

Naturally, Autocar wanted the LaFerrari to join in the fun too, but…

There was one simple reason for the absence of Ferrari’s rival hypercar here: Maranello was invited to provide a car for this test but declined. At the same time, Ferrari made it clear that were we to test a private example, we would not be invited back to Maranello any time soon.

[Source: Autocar]

Past master Porsche

Past master: Porsche Carrera GT

Porsche Carrera GT

The Porsche Carrera GT is easily one of AUSmotive’s top five dream cars. After stumbling across a brief test from Autocar, which was filed to YouTube only a couple of weeks ago, it inspired us to put together this Past master article.

Built in Leipzig from 2004–2007 the total production run of the Carrera GT was 1270. It’s powered by a race-inspired 5.7 litre V10 and is good for a still healthy 450kW (612hp). And it makes one of the sweetest sounds known to man.

It really does.

The Carrera GT is stunning to look at as well. It is quite simply one of the most desirable road going Porsches ever made. Yet, it has virtually nothing to do with the 911 on which Porsche’s reputation was built.

While time will shadow its performance and all-round capability the Carrera GT, for us, will always sit on a pedestal.

We trust you’ll enjoy the videos, wallpaper-friendly image gallery and press material that is waiting for you after the break.