Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport revealed

Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport

The first Golf GTI was released in 1976 and this new Clubsport model is Volkswagen’s birthday present to itself. It’ll be released next year to celebrate the GTI’s 40th anniversary. Visually it’s pretty much as previewed in concept form earlier this year.

Powered by a 2.0 litre turbocharged four cylinder engine with 195kW it’s the most powerful GTI ever. But there’s more! With a 10-second overboost function power briefly peaks at 215kW. Coupled to a 6-speed DSG it’s enough to propel the GTI Clubsport to 100km/h in 5.9 seconds (manual 6.0 secdonds).

That’s all pretty good, but it’s the way this latest GTI looks that’s rocking our world. Finished in classic Oryx White paint and complemented by specially created forged alloy wheels looks awesome. And the aggressive body kit, from the sleek front spoiler to the large rear wing, just works.

Volkswagen Australia, don’t be pricks. Bring this car down under, in three door and with a manual transmission. Seriously!


Golf GTI Clubsport spied in testing

Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport

It’s Volkswagen’s answer to the Megane RS275 Trophy R and it’s one step closer to reality, as these pics show. It, of course, is the Golf GTI Clubsport, which was presented in concept form at the Wörthersee show earlier this year.

The show car had semi slick rubber and the promise of a power boost to 195kW (265hp). Latest talk suggests that power could rise to as much as 215kW (290hp), which would be driven to the front wheels through a VAQ diff.

This test mule is fitted with a roll cage, but that’s pretty standard for cars lapping the Nordschleife during industry pool sessions. However, there is a suggestion that a half cage may be available as an option when the Clubbie is released next year to celebrate the GTI’s 40th birthday.

Pleasingly, the trackside report from BTG also claims this test car was fitted with a manual gearbox. Happy days!

Follow the link below for more pics.

[Source: Bridge to Gantry]


Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport concept revealed

Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport

Next year the Golf GTI will turn 40 and to start the celebrations Volkswagen has revealed this Clubsport concept model at its annual Wörthersee show.

Volkswagen says the Golf GTI Clubsport will go on sale in 2016. The special edition GTI gets a power boost to 195kW and revised model-specific body styling designed to improve downforce.

The images revealed show the wheels filling out the guards nicely, although it remains to be seen if that’s anything more than Photoshop trickery. You’ll also notice the tyres shown are semi-slicks, which is rather interesting. That means you should also expect the Clubsport to boast other mods such as a revised exhaust plus uprated brakes and suspension.

The BMW-like “air curtain” featured in that new front spoiler will also help keep your bigger brakes a bit cooler. Indeed, this looks like being one very cool GTI.

It looks good. It will drive well. And, finally, a Clubsport to which we can say: “I just want one.”

Honda Peugeot Renault Video Volkswagen

Hot hatch heaven

Mk1 Volkswagen Golf GTI

This video showcasing eight seven of the best hot hatches money can buy is not perfect, but it is pretty cool. The clip was published by the Goodwood Road & Racing YouTube channel and features French racer Nic Minassian behind the wheel of four old and four new hot hatches, listed below:

  • Honda: EP3 Civic Type R v FN2 Civic Type R
  • Peugeot: 205 GTi v 208 GTi
  • Renault: Clio Williams v Megane RS 265
  • Volkswagen: Mk1 Golf GTI v Mk7 Golf GTD

Save for the GTD that makes for a very impressive line up of cars, all of which we would love to drive. And driving them all on the same day, on the same road, well, that would be a great day out.

Just don’t expect this clip to wow you with performance stats or hard data.


Golf GTI Performance – Australian pricing & specs

Volkswagen Golf GTI Performance

Volkswagen Australia has just launched the Golf GTI Performance. It’s a more highly specced model than the regular GTI and is priced from $48,490. That’s $6500 more than the cost of an entry-level GTI (with 6-speed manual). For the extra cash you get the following standard equipment:

  • 169kW/350Nm engine (+7kW)
  • 6-speed DSG
  • 340mm/310mm ventilated brakes (front/rear)
  • Front differential lock
  • Bi-xenon headlights
  • 19″ Santiago alloys
  • Plus other cosmetic enhancement

Further information can be read below and be sure to download the press kit for more official detail on that front diff lock. Briefly, Volkswagen explains the effect of the diff lock like this:

When accelerating out of a bend, the drive torque is increased at the wheel on the outside of the bend. This produces an asymmetrical drive torque distribution that matches the dynamic wheel load distribution… This lets the driver apply much greater force to the accelerator pedal at the apex of a bend, which in turn results in significantly higher exit speeds of the Golf GTI Performance out of bends.

Drive Thru Volkswagen

Drive Thru: Volkswagen Mk7 Golf GTI

Mk7 Golf GTI

The evolution of the Golf GTI has entered its seventh stage and it’s almost as if the model has become a victim of its own success. The Mk5 GTI created a tidal wave of hype and the Mk6 followed suit, perhaps to a lesser degree despite sales remaining strong. But this time around it feels like the Mk7 GTI has quietly snuck onto Australian shores without much fanfare.

Not only did the Mk5 GTI reignite Volkswagen, especially in Australia, it reignited the hot hatch segment. Last decade you didn’t have to do too much to make people take notice. That’s not to say the Mk5 wasn’t a great car, it was, but we’re now in a more competitive market where buyers have a firm idea of what to expect from a Golf GTI. The likes of Ford and Renault, in particular know that too and provide very capable alternatives. Has the Mk7 advanced the cause enough for Volkswagen to ensure it still has a hot hatch winner on its hands?


MY14 Volkswagen Golf GTI Australian brochure

MY14 Golf GTI brochure

Those of you keen on the Mk7 Golf GTI will have probably already been to check out the car. If you haven’t you can arm yourself with more info courtesy of this brochure (2.5mb PDF) detailing all the specs for the Australian market.

The brochure complements the material we’ve already published on Australian specification GTIs, including pricing and the local press kit.


VIDEO: Going to v-max in the new Golf GTI

Volkswagen Golf VII GTI

In this brief video you will see a Mk7 Golf GTI with Performance Pack and DSG going from go to go! For a hot hatch the new GTI pulls pretty strongly to about 200km/h at which point the fuel needle begins to move almost as quickly as the indicated speed.

Of course, we’re showing you this video because you’d never be silly enough to try this yourself. Would you?


2014 VW Golf GTI – Australian pricing & specs

Volkswagen Mk7 Golf GTI

Following today’s earlier article on the Australian pricing for the Mk7 Golf GTI here’s the official guff direct from Volkswagen. There’s a heap of information for you, especially if you download the full press kit we have made available.

A quick recap on the pricing and basic specs. An entry level GTI will cost you $41,490 and includes a 6-speed manual and a 162kW/350Nm 2.0 litre four cylinder engine.

A host of new standard technology and features have been packed into the GTI for the first time, including start/stop, Driver Fatigue Detection, Driving Profile Selection/Adaptive Chassis Control, Multi-collision brake, Extended Electronic Differential Lock (XDL), ESP Sport, progressive steering and Discover Media satellite navigation.

You can order your GTI in the following flat paint colours, Tornado Red and Pure White. If you like sparkles your choices are Carbon Steel Grey, Reflex Silver, Night Blue and Deep Black Pearl Effect, and they’ll set you back another $500.

Other optional equipment includes a 6-speed DSG ($2500), panoramic sunroof ($1850), bi-xenon headlights with LED daytime running lights ($2150), heated leather seats ($3150) and the driver assistance package ($1300).

The driver assistance package consists of Adaptive Cruise Control, Front Assist with City Emergency Braking, Proactive occupant protection system and Park Assist 2.

From the second quarter of next year you’ll also be able to buy the Performance Pack GTI. Priced from $47,990 the PP GTI includes an electronically controlled mechanical limited slip diff, bi-xenon headlights, LED tail lights, 6-speed DSG, 19″ Santiago alloy wheels and uprated brakes as standard equipment. Of course, the engine has also been tuned for a modest 7kW increase to a new peak of 169kW. Maximum torque remains at 350Nm.

The new GTI will be rolled out across dealerships nationwide this week and you should definitely be able to see one for yourself by this weekend, if not sooner.


Mk7 VW Golf GTI – Australian pricing revealed

Volkswagen Mk7 Golf GTI

Various local media outlets are reporting pricing for the Mk7 Golf GTI, which we expect to be officially released by Volkswagen later this week.

Accordingly it’s expected a base model five-door GTI with 6-speed manual will be priced from $41,490. With a 6-speed DSG the price will be $43,990. Those prices refer to the standard 162kW/350Nm spec for the 2.0 litre turbocharged engine.

The higher output Performance Pack will be on its way down under too, but not until the second quarter of 2014. Pricing for the higher spec GTI, which adds LED headlights, larger brakes and an XDS+ electronic differential lock, will be $47,990. Australian delivered Performance Pack GTIs will be available exclusively with a DSG transmission.

Standard equipment across the range includes 18″ alloys, adaptive dampers and Satellite Navigation.

All pricing mentioned above does not include on road costs, so expect a base GTI to set you back around mid-40s driveaway.


Mk7 Golf GTI lands in Australia

Volkswagen Golf GTI

Volkswagen Australia has just shared this image of a Mk7 Golf GTI to its Facebook page with the words, “Look at what’s just arrived!”

So we assume you’ll be able to set your eyes on the all-new GTI yourself in the next few weeks. We’re expecting pricing to be around the $40K mark and very much hope we see the “Performance” version offered for sale in Australia.

UPDATE: Thanks to Jim for sending in the pic below, showing a Mk7 Golf GTI on Sydney’s roads.


Volkswagen Racing Golf GTI previewed

Volkswagen Racing Golf GTI

The all-new Mk7 Golf GTI isn’t even on Australian roads yet but already tuning houses overseas are working their magic on the iconic hot hatch. Volkswagen Racing UK will be unveiling its warmed over GTI at Goodwood this weekend.

Volkswagen Racing UK shared the above image on its Facebook page with the message, “Many months of development have gone into getting all of our VWR Upgrade Parts ready for this car.”

We look forward to hearing the details of their upgrades.