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Top Gear, Season 15 – due to start in July

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A number of sources are currently suggesting Series 15 will premiere on UK screens in July. BBC’s scheduling of Top Gear during Germany 2006 shows it is unlikely they will air Top Gear while the World Cup is underway. The final of South Africa 2010 is on Sunday 11 July. This all points to a possible return for Top Gear on Sunday 18 July.

Meanwhile, speculation is building that Channel Nine plans to revive Top Gear Australia with a six episode series to air during 2010. There’s nothing official just yet, so watch this space.

UPDATE 7 June: The boys will be back on UK screens from 27 June.

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PLEASE ch9 let TGAU die. They’ve probably already given Glenn Ridge a call 🙁

Well I can’t agree with that. The only show that can get me sitting down, enjoying the full hour relaxed, is Top Gear.

Something about the whole concept is purely appealing to me in some way, so I may not be objective here.


Along with the likes of House and Rafters, Top Gear is the only other tv show that can get back the missus and I on the couch together. Given that she isn’t a car fanatic like us, that is a pretty impressive thing!

You know, it’s been said, that if you stare at the screen long enough during Packed to the Rafters you’ll eventually see a Mk1 Golf. I’ve never watched the show, so I couldn’t say if it’s true or not.


I love watching Top Gear with my fieuancy I think it is a very funny show and I love cars of all kinds.We enjoy the show and I think it is one of the best shows to watch besides Formula 1.

I’m the first to admit that TG Australia is a bit average, but it is many many times better than most locally porduced TV. The track is also a bit crap. Bearing in mind that the UK Top Gear took a while to get up and running in its current format, I think we should all give the guys working on Top Gear Australia a break. It beats the snot out of Master chef, or Biggest Loser and just about everything else, even if it does pale in comparrsion to the original. Oh, and no more cartoons. Cars and cartoons do not have as much in common as the spelling may suggest.

Top Gear Australia was always rubbish. Reading that Channel Nine is to make 6 more episodes fills me with dread….

The problem with TOP GEAR AUS, is that they’re too scared to say one car is better than another. That’s what TOP GEAR is all about. Telling the truth about cars. Which one is best, which one is rubbish. Aus TOP GEAR leads you to believe every car they test is good and they can’t decide the winner. Plus they are wannabie try hards. Be yourselves, be honest, tell it like it is or keep off our screens, for good. PS. Channel nine, give TOP GEAR back to SBS. You are no good at this type of thing.You are spoiling it for everybody.

I like topgear, because it shows that car programs don’t have to be boring and slow, like almost all others. I did wish they went into the tech a bit more but then they wouldn’t be as darn entertaining

to mcphuk on Apr 26, 2010

Top Gear has been an amazing show. But the US version will probably be no better than the Aussie version, too influenced by advertisors and ‘politically correctness’ activists. It’ll be waaay to water down to be entertaining at all. Mostly it’ll just be a public relations tool to push green tech nonsense and other crap.

Peter Adam Patina – couldn’t agree more! The point of TG (UK) is it’s a bunch of lads ar$ing about in (mostly) fast (or stupendously silly) cars and they don’t give a to$$ who thinks what of them! The Aussie one is just too “PC” – they all sit on the fence way too much and spend too much time trying to be “Top Gear lads” without a clue how to do it. My g/f hates cars but loves UK TG… but won’t watch the Aussie version (“too boring”) – that speaks volumes to me.
I’d rather see it (or anything else) on SBS or ABC as well but whoever shows the least ads wins it for me.
As for the US show, I doubt I’ll be wasting my time watching it – let’s face it, it’s about 99% a cert that it will be crap!

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