Audi Project Anniversario back in flight?

Audi Project Anniversario

Earlier in the week some very grainy footage of a car being delivered to a ski jump arena was posted to YouTube. The accepted theory was that the car attached to the chopper was an Audi R4 e-tron being filmed in preparation for some promo material. However, thanks to these new photos published by Autobild it turns out the car could very well be a prototype model of the Project Anniversario, which is a new 21st century Quattro model.

We’ve not heard anything about the Anniversario for some time, so this news is most welcome. It is understood the model will be based on the RS5 Coupé and it is due for launch in 2012.

The real kick expected from the Anniversario is its anticipated 1400kg weight. This would be some 325kg lighter than the RS5. It’s uncertain what engine the Anniversario might use, but it could be the 4.2 litre V8 from the RS5 makes way for a new V6 helped along with a turbocharger or two. With any luck all will be revealed at the Paris Motor Show, which starts on 30 September.

There’s a few more pics after the break, including a couple of new renderings. It looks a bit spesh, what do you think?

[Source: The German Car Blog via Autobild]

Audi Project Anniversario

Audi Project Anniversario

Audi Project Anniversario

Audi Project Anniversario

7 replies on “Audi Project Anniversario back in flight?”

Wha? Lima, that is clearly the R4. The front is so short that there is no way his is anything but a mid engine car.

It could be. We’ll find out soon enough. Perhaps a petrol version of the R4? The exhaust tips indicate it’s not an electric (e-tron) car, anyway.

If it is the Quattro homage, surely the 5cyl turbo would be the logical power plant. Glad the tail lights will be a little different than the renderings. Looks good, though.

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