Audi S1 faces identity crisis

Audi S1 rendering

Contradiction and confusion are the order of the day in regards to the future of the Audi S1. It seems certain that an A1-based model with a 1.4 TFSI engine producing in the order of 130kW driving the front wheels only will be made. But what badge will it wear? Will this be the first “S” badged Audi that does not include an all-wheel drive quattro system?

According to Autocar, yes it will. On Tuesday they reported, “Audi has officially confirmed this month’s Paris motor show as the location for the launch of its new S1 hot hatch. The S1 will be front-wheel drive, making it the first S-badged Audi to do without a quattro drivetrain.”

Sounds pretty definitive, right. Well, on Wednesday Australian media outlet carsales published an equally confident report stating, “Audi has tried to quietly kill off its upcoming S1 just weeks before its scheduled launch in southern France.

Insiders have revealed that while the car will still be built, it will be stripped of its S1 badges and will be known as an A1 1.4 TFSI instead.

The final nail in its coffin was that Volkswagen Group boss Martin Winterkorn didn’t want its front-wheel drive status diluting an ‘S’ car line up that has been, up to now, exclusively all-wheel drive.”

The no quattro, no “S” badge theory does make sense. What doesn’t make sense is the number of interwebz articles confirming the launch of an S1 at Paris and just one report stating it won’t be happening. If you see any other reports discussing the cancellation of the S1, please post a link in the comments section below.

[Source: Autocar & carsales]

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I never thought for a second the new S1 would be AWD. Surely it will use the XLD as like the Polo GTI.

I think Nozuka’s link indeed confirm that S1 is dead, or rather a Polo GTI based S1 is dead. The question I really want to know is, will there be an AWD proper S1? Fit it with a 1.6 litre version of the twin charge, give it Haldex and I am there.

Sorry Lima…I saw the no S1 story in a French paper last Thursday. Essentially similar to the car enthusiast story. Can’t remember which paper (left at TGV station) but it was previewing the Paris Show. Thought it was old news…

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