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Polo R back from the dead to join Audi S1

Volkswagen Polo R

British publication Autocar brings news that the stillborn Volkswagen Polo R is now likely to be revived. This follows recent news that the future of an all-wheel drive Audi S1 is now looking very good.

The theory being the Volkswagen Group PQ25 platform, on which the Polo and A1 are built, will be more cost-effective if more models are able to utilise all-wheel drive. Of course, this means the Polo R would feature an all-wheel drive system too, likely to be developed by Haldex and to wear 4motion branding.

Joining the Polo R and S1 in a third all-paw offering could be the CrossPolo. I guess that means we could see an Audi Q1 in the future, as well.

[Source: Autocar | Rendering: Motor Authority]

11 replies on “Polo R back from the dead to join Audi S1”

Wonder what price point it would be at??

Around the gold gfi point?? If so think I would rather on of these 🙂

and if it gets build like the rendering I will buy one!!!

What size motor are welooking at??

Australia will miss out on this because it will cannibalise sales from the GTI like the Scirocco. Or the climate, or the dollar. Or because you used the word ‘stillborn’.

The MkII and MkIII Golf both had AWD, and the Polo is bigger so about time VAG came clean and admitted AWD was possible on this platform. Should be quite the car. Not as good as my Panda, though.

Speculation says this thing might receive the 2.0l TFSI now that will put this car way over the 45k price, and unfordable for me. Well affordable but not worth it I would prefer Golf GTI.

I hope they put in the 1.6l engine that will equip the Rally Polo S1600, if so then we could see this thing in the 40k Range, I’m hoping Audi keep this sport version affordable in the S series. If not well there go’s another good looking car overpriced and overrated.

Make the S1 affordable and then make the RS1 the higher unfordable priced version.

Not looking good in my opinion especially down under where the Audi A3 is so overpriced, audi A3 in europe is actually affordable and the same price as a Golf.

[…] Overnight Volkswagen confirmed two rumours, one directly, the other indirectly. First, Volkswagen confirmed its plans to enter a factory-backed team in the World Rally Championship from 2013. By nominating a new Polo R WRC as the car of choice we think VW has also indirectly confirmed plans to manufacture the on-again, off-again Polo R road car. […]

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