BMW 1 Series GT to lead Munich’s front-wheel drive assault

BMW 1 Series GT rendering

The image above is understood to be a rendering of a proposed BMW 1 Series Gran Turismo. This is an evolution of the 5 Series and 3 Series GT models. However, the crucial difference with the 1er GT is that it is expected to lead BMW’s charge into the world of front-wheel drive vehicles.

The benefits of FWD are immediately apparent from a packaging point of view, as well, with suggestions the 1 Series GT will have as much rear legroom as a 5 Series saloon. We should see the 1 Series GT on the roads in 2013 or 2014.

Following the 1er GT in BMW’s FWD assault will be a Z2 coupé model, kind of like an MX-5 sent from Munich. Another concept being spoken about is the FAST, which would compete with the Mercedes-Benz B Class. The next-gen X1 is also expected to send its power back-to-front and become FWD. And rounding out the front-wheel drive arsenal for BMW is a subcompact model known as “Joy”.

So, BMW is really prepared to break-free of its rear-wheel drive stranglehold and when you consider the plans to expand the MINI range to as many as nine models there’ll be a fair degree of platform and component sharing going on too.

[Source: InsideLine]

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oh look, the late 2000’s wrx hatch everyone despised so much with a BMW badge on it 🙂

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