BMW to introduce 2 and 4 Series nomenclature

BMW 3 Series

We’ve already brought you up to speed on the likely plans BMW has to call the next 1 Series coupé/convertible the 2 Series; including new M2 badging. Now it seems the 3 Series two-doors are in for the same plus one treatment with word filtering around the internets they will be called the 4 Series.

It’s a move that loosely follows their German rivals, in particular Audi, who have introduced the A5 Coupé and Sportback to complement its volume selling A4 range.

BMW’s marketing gurus will love it, as they will be able to position the new 2 and 4 Series models slightly above their more mundane four-door siblings and, of course, that means they can charge more too.

The new naming regime should begin in 2013 with the 2 Series (replacing the 1 Series coupé) closely followed by the 4 Series (replacing the 3 Series coupé).

BMW 2 Series and 4 Series timeline

  • F32 4 Series – 3rd quarter 2013 (3-series coupé replacement)
  • F33 4 Series – 2nd quarter 2014 (3-series convertible replacement)
  • F35 4 Series – 2nd quarter 2015 (all-new four-door coupé)
  • F22 2 Series – 1st quarter 2013 (1-series coupé replacement)
  • F23 2 Series – 3rd quarter 2014 (1-series cabriolet replacement)

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