Saab’s rebirth stalls, again

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Saab RIP - 18 December 2009

The buyout of Saab’s bankrupted assets by National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) was announced back in June. However, SaabsUnited reports the deadline for the finalisation of that sale has been missed.

At this stage NEVS has not released a statement explaining why they have not proceeded as planned. Although, NEVS spokesman, Mikael Östlund, has told Swedish newspaper TTELA they expect the purchase to be delayed by at least a month, possibly longer, but they still plan to have the deal completed by the European summer.

Östlund also said NEVS will not release any official statements on the delay until the papers have been signed.

Suddenly, the future of the Saab brand has taken an altogether familiar and disheartening phase.

[Source: SaabsUnited]