McLaren P1 returns to chase Nürburgring glory

McLaren P1

McLaren is chasing lap record glory at the Nürburgring, with this P1 hypercar seen in full attack mode on the Nordschleife on Wednesday.

In early September a rumoured lap time of 7:04 was posted by the hybrid McLaren. Even if true, for two reasons, it’s not fast enough. Firstly, Ron Dennis has said the P1 will break the 7-minute barrier at the famous track. And secondly, Porsche has since published video of its 918 lapping the Ring in 6:57.

Officially, a McLaren spokesman said the ‘XP2R’ P1 was at the Green Hell, “for final damper tuning and calibration—our engineers and technicians are never happy, despite what they’ve achieved”.

However, those trackside during the week reported the presence of a sizeable pit crew with representatives from Pirelli on site as well. The P1 rides on specially developed Pirelli tyres tailored to suit the car’s performance and handling characteristics.

One thing is sure, the dick waving we’re going to see from Porsche, McLaren and Ferrari over who has the fastest hybrid hypercar on the planet is going to be fun to watch. So, strap yourself in and enjoy the show.

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