VIDEO: Chevrolet SS Pace Car lights my fire

Chevrolet SS safety car

The 2014 NASCAR season has begun with the bizarre sight of the Chevrolet SS (née Commodore SS) Pace Car catching fire while it was leading the field around Daytona International Raceway.

“Tower, we’re on fire,” came the confirmation from Brett Bodine behind the wheel of the flaming Pace Car.

Feeling a bit sorry for the Pace Car, and perhaps Holden’s plight, racing legend Dale Earnhardt Jr came to the Chevy’s defence: “I guess it was the batteries in the back for the lights, because cars just don’t catch on fire like that,” Earnhardt said.

“It was pretty weird.”

A faulty battery pack to power the safety lights has been blamed for the fire.

The light-hearted incident was best summed up by Brad Keselowski who was the driver behind the Pace Car at the time: “When you think you’ve seen it all, then you see that!

“That was an interesting one; I just saw the whole back of the car on fire. I thought it was a race car, and then someone said it was the pace car and I just started laughing.”

You can see video of the incident after the break.

[Source: SB Nation]