Pencil in 2016 for BMW M2

BMW M235i Racing

The BMW M235i Racing will inspire the M2 according to a new report which claims the model will be launched in 2016.

Boasting flared guards and other model-specific styling is expected to follow the path of its predecessor, the 1 Series M Coupé, by stuffing a host of M3/M4 parts beneath its finely sculpted exterior.

The majority of speculation so far focuses on the M2 being powered by a 3.0 litre turbocharged straight six-cylinder engine producing around 300kW (400hp). However, we think you should be very open to the idea of the M2 being powered by a four-cylinder.

After all, Porsche reckons they can make 300kW from a four-pot, so why can’t BMW?

[Source: Left Lane News]

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Haha, sorry Fred. To be fair it was only a kW comparison being made.

Although, the next story about to go to air compares a Mercedes to a Porsche. How do you feel about that?!

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