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VIDEO: Alfa Romeo 4C v rivals

Not content with thrashing about in the McLaren P1, Steve Sutcliffe from Autocar kept in touch with the common man by thrashing about in an Alfa Romeo 4C on the track with two of its natural rivals, the Porsche Cayman and Toyota 86. It turns out you may not have your pre-conceived ideas altered, but […]

Before the Alfa Romeo 4C there was…

…the 8C Spider. And no matter how good or even brilliant the 4C is it will never sound like this! This video doesn’t make the most of the 8C’s flowing lines, but we’ll be surprised if you hear anything better than this all day. Strap yourself in, put your headphones on and turn the volume […]

Alfa Romeo 4C claims Nürburgring lap record

In case you missed it over the weekend, Alfa Romeo is claiming a new Nürburgring lap record for its mid-engined 4C sportscar. No it hasn’t broken the 7-minute barrier; it hasn’t even broken the 8-minute barrier. The 4C set a lap time of 8 minutes 4 seconds and according to Alfa, that’s the fastest time […]

Alfa Romeo 4C goes to Nürburgring marketing school

The Alfa Romeo 4C recently had its turn to set a lap time on the Nürburgring. The result was a not too shabby 8 minutes 4 seconds. Although, keep in mind, that’s only four seconds faster than a Renault Megane RS 265 Trophy. Pirelli didn’t want to miss its chance to join in the fun, […]

Alfa Romeo 4C to be priced from AU$75,000?

Everybody loves the Alfa Romeo 4C. And all of us have probably, at some stage, thought about buying one. So what would you think if us Australians could buy a 4C for $75,000? Hmm, an A45 AMG hot hatch or a rear-wheel drive sportscar? The 4C has the potential to mix it with the exalted […]

Chris Harris plays with the Alfa Romeo 4C

As you know the Alfa Romeo 4C was launched last week. Alfa did this by inviting a bunch of motoring hacks to Italy and threw them a set of keys. Initial thoughts via Top Gear were less flattering than perhaps we wanted. So what did Chris Harris think? Well, we’ll let you watch the video […]

The good, the bad and the beautiful

The Top Gear website brings us one of the first proper reviews of the highly anticipated Alfa Romeo 4C. After a long gestation period the 4C now has to deliver upon its undeniable good looks. So, how does it fare? The good: Its unassisted steering is terrific, its Brembo brakes are fabulous, and it has […]

Alfa Romeo 4C in detail

Isn’t she beautiful! She, of course, is the stunning 4C sports car and Alfa Romeo has finally come good with official details. It’s all there for you after the break. Pictures, video and press guff. A carbon fibre tub, bugger all weight, a centrally mounted engine just waiting to rev its tits off. All the […]

Fancy a gander at the Alfa Romeo 4C brochure?

We know you all love the Alfa Romeo 4C, and why wouldn’t you. It has all the ingredients to make it special. Low weight, decent power sent to the rear wheels and, well, just look at it. And did you know you can choose from four different alloy wheel styles, from 17″ through to 19″ […]

Alfa Romeo 4C named SBK safety car

The Alfa Romeo 4C has been named as the official safety car of the FIM World Superbike Championship. The stylish 4C will make its SBK debut appearance at Silverstone this weekend. “Alfa Romeo is a proud sponsor of the FIM World Superbike Championship having been associated with the series for seven years now,” enthused Damien […]

2013 Goodwood FoS in pictures – gallery 1

It’s taken us a while to prepare, but here’s your first instalment in our 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed image gallery. We’ve got more than 260 images in all which will be spread out over three galleries. Presented in alphabetical order, this selection of photos starts with Alfa Romeo and ends with Lotus. And doesn’t […]