VIDEO: Alfa Romeo 4C v rivals

Not content with thrashing about in the McLaren P1, Steve Sutcliffe from Autocar kept in touch with the common man by thrashing about in an Alfa Romeo 4C on the track with two of its natural rivals, the Porsche Cayman and Toyota 86. It turns out you may not have your pre-conceived ideas altered, but […]

VIDEO: How to build a Toyota 86

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Toyota has produced this slick video showing its 86 sportscar come to life. It’s been online for a bit over a month and deserves more views than it currently has, so we’re doing our bit to help out the little Toybaru.

Toyota goes cold on 86 Convertible

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Word is Toyota has shelved plans to put the FT-86 Open Concept into production. Officially, Toyota hasn’t put a comment on record, but reports suggest we won’t be seeing a chopped 86 anytime soon. Supposedly Toyota’s product plans for 2014 and 2015 have no slot for the topless Toybaru. Although due to the fact engineering […]

Geneva 2013: Toyota FT-86 Open Concept

Chances are you may have already seen the topless Toyota 86, but if not here it is. At this stage the 86 convertible is being referred to as a concept model, but production prototypes are undergoing testing as we speak. Apart from that Toyota hasn’t really said much else about its chopped 86 other than […]

Toyota GT86 convertible spied in South Africa

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We knew it was coming, but this is one of the first images we’ve seen showing the topless Toyota 86. And given we saw the pic posted to the Toyota UK blog we reckon that’s a pretty good unofficial endorsement that this car will be on display at the Geneva Motor Show next month. It’s […]

Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86 named Wheels COTY

The Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86 twins have been awarded the Wheels Car of the Year award. It joins a host of other awards collected by the Toybaru, including the Carsguide top honour. Wheels editor Stephen Corby acknowledged the success of the Subaru–Toyota partnership, “Seldom do joint projects produce something remarkable like this.” The magazine went on […]

Toyota 86 claims best driver’s car gong

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We expect the Toybaru will claim plenty of awards from the world’s motoring press. Indeed, we reckon you can already lock in an 86/BRZ shared award for Australia’s most prestigious gong, the Wheels Car of the Year. For now though, the Toyota 86 has just been judged as Britain’s Best Driver’s Car by the influential […]

Chris Harris, the Toyota GT86 and friends

Chris Harris is back this week to entertain us with the it car of the moment, the Toyota 86. He’s taken a bit of an armchair critic’s position, in that he’s attempting to answer some of the questions asked by motoring forums the world over. Questions like, is the Toyota too under powered, or why […]

VIDEO: The definitive Toyota 86 review

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Nino Karotta, you may not know the name, but after watching his review of the Toyota 86 we reckon you’ll remember it. Actually, we got a glimpse of Karotta’s talents last year when he reviewed the new BMW M5. This time the review is in English, and for a guy who does not have English […]

Toyota 86 GTS gives you wings

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We’re not quite sure if you can make it out, but on the back of that Toyota 86 GTS, if you look very closely, is a rear wing. It’s part of a new factory aero package offered by Toyota dealers, available from today, the official sales launch of the 86 in Australia. Toyota is asking […]

VIDEO: Toyota 86 gets the drift at Marulan

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Here’s a fun video showing the Toyota 86 being driven around a very wet Marulan Driver Training Centre. Supposedly the two cars are being driven by rally aces Rick and Neal Bates. From inside the cabin, the 86 sounds half decent too.

Toyota 86 photo gallery

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Rounding out our launch coverage of the Toyota 86, we bring you a healthy selection of press images. We start with the images you saw yesterday, but add to them, most notably with the higher-spec GTS model. For some reason Toyota has gone light on with pics of the entry-level 86 GT. After the break […]