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Sacrificial acts

A reader of Car magazine recently spotted this pair of Alfa Romeo 4Cs at an Italian wrecker’s yard. They’re likely to pre-production models and headed for the crusher; a sorry end to some beautiful bodywork. Although, you’d like to think they might be worthy of a museum exhibit perhaps. “On the outskirts of Turin, I […]

Alfa Romeo 4C bales out at Goodwood

It’s brief, it’s painful, but you can’t stop watching it. Here, the Alfa Romeo 4C gets a lesson in understeer and farming at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Thankfully, both occupants in the car were able to walk away from this one.

The very cool exploding 4C Spider

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is a very cool car. This we can all agree. A short while ago Alfa released this video animation of the 4C Spider, starting with exploded parts which come together to form the completed car. This is also very cool. There’s no words or trite voiceover. In every way, this […]

Alfa Romeo 2000 Sportiva

Alfa Romeo is the gold sponsor for the 2014 Mille Miglia regularity race, which takes place later this week. Under current regulations cars that compete in the modern Mille Miglia must have competed in the original era of the event (1927–1957). Thankfully for our eyes this 1954 Alfa Romeo 2000 Sportiva did just that. The […]

Alfa Romeo returning to US market

North American Alfisti can wake with a smile this morning with confirmation Alfa Romeo will be returning to the US car market. They’ll be relaunching the brand at the New York International Auto Show next month. And when you’ve got a car as sexy at the 4C why not! It will be the first time […]

Alfa Romeo’s charge of the light brigade

The Alfa Romeo 4C is universally admired for its flowing curves and general good looks. That is until you get to the batshit crazy headlight cluster of the coupé. It’s the pimple on the nose of the 4C and, of course, there’s two of the bloody things! When Alfa released the 4C Spider the world […]

VIDEO: Alfa Romeo 4C v Porsche Cayman S

For his weekly visit to YouTube Chris Harris drops in with a sports coupé comparison that everyone will enjoy. It’s the swooping drama and promise of the Alfa Romeo 4C up against the model all sportscars in this class aim to beat, the Porsche Cayman S. So confident was Harris of the Porsche’s status he […]

Geneva 2014: Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

When I was a young lad my mum had a white Alfa Spider. One of the first car memories I have is sitting on her lap holding the steering wheel as we drove along, turning on the indicators and just having a fun time. So for more reasons than this new 4C Spider “design preview” […]

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider coming to Geneva?

Word on the street says Alfa Romeo will be bringing a 4C Spider to the Geneva Motor Show. It’s expected to have a removable roof panel, much like an old-skool 911 Targa, with carbon fibre rollover hoops behind the seats. One of the rare weak points of the mostly very sexy 4C is the headlight […]

Alfa Romeo 4C drops into Melbourne for coffee

We knew the Alfa Romeo 4C was in Australia for official Safety Car duties during last weekend’s World Superbike round at Phillip Island, but AUSmotive reader Chris got a nice surprise this morning when he saw the 4C on Bourke Street in Melbourne. While the 4C does look at home on a race track, it […]

Alfa Romeo 4C in town for SBK

The Alfa Romeo 4C doesn’t launch in Australia until later this year, but thanks to its role as the official Safety Car for the World Superbike championship you’ll be able to see one at Philip Island this weekend. We wonder how many Alfisti will be making a special trip.