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Frankfurt 2011: Eterniti Hemera

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It’s just a blinged up Cayenne. That’s right this new Eterniti brand, for now, takes a Porsche Cayenne adds a carbon-fibre reinforced plastic body kit and says voila—a brand new car! To be fair they say they do a chassis-up rebuild of the car, including a bespoke interior. They also manage to find in excess […]

Get ready for the Eterniti Hemera

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You’re looking at a teaser for “the world’s first super-SUV”, otherwise known as the Eterniti Hemera. Are you excited? Well, if you’re in the market for an SUV with a “limousine-like rear cabin”, complete with iPads, and “4×4 ruggedness” with “dynamic performance” then you should be. At least that’s what the press guff tells us. […]

From where to Eterniti

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A mysterious press release is announcing a new luxury automotive brand called Eterniti Motors. Here’s the release in full: The New Luxury Car Brand A new luxury car brand is coming. A different kind of luxury car brand. A luxury car brand from London. Eterniti Motors. A quick scan of the interwebz tells us Eterniti […]