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Lamborghini Miura SV lights my fire

This is just so sad. We’ve previously called the Lamborghini Miura SV beautiful, and they are. But, sadly, this one no longer is. And if you’re game enough to watch the video after the break you’ll see it gets much worse than the image above. The fire happened in central London and was filmed and […]

Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series lights my fire

Hmm, that’s not gone well. Remember that Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series test mule we showed you the other day, well it’s just lost a sibling thanks to a nasty fire while testing at the Nürburgring. At first it was thought the fire started due in the engine bay, but a later theory suggests it […]

Rest in pieces

This morning we bring you the sad news of the passing of one of the automotive world’s most cherished supercars, the Ferrari F40. The accident happened in Vancouver, Canada, and we understand the driver was returning home from a car show. While the car is in a serious state it’s been reported that nobody was […]

Ferrari 458 Italia lights my fire, yet again!

It’s been a while since we last featured a flaming Ferrari 458 Italia on AUSmotive and this one is a right sizzler. So bad was the 458 BBQ phenomenon back in 2010 that Ferrari issued an official recall to supposedly prevent the problem. Thankfully, this poor chap, who was traveling on the A5 motorway in […]

Lamborghini Aventador lights my fire

We update you with the rather upsetting news that a menacing Lamborghini Aventador has apparently self-immolated on a Southern Californian highway. Supposedly this somewhat unperturbed chap is the owner of the sorry looking Aventador behind him. At this stage it’s not totally clear what happened or what set the fire off, other than an official […]

Ferrari FF lights my fire

Ferrari has put the FF into f-f-fire for a stricken owner in China. The incident happened on Shi Bo Avenue in Shangahi and thankfully nobody was hurt during the blaze. It’s been reported the FF had spent long periods of time in slow moving traffic immediately before the incident. In 2010 Ferrari ended an embarrassing […]

D&G exec crashes ‘stylish and handsome car’

This sorry sight of a crashed Pagani Zonda F on the streets of Hong Kong is the result of mixing high end fashion with high octane power. There has been speculation over the identity of the driver, but is believed the car belongs to a Dolce & Gabbana executive. At least that’s the view given […]

That’s not gone well

A Sunday drive has ended in tears for a group of supercars in Japan. Consisting mostly of Ferraris, the convoy came to grief on the Chugoku Expressway when the lead car hit a barrier after attempting to overtake another car. That set off a chain of events resulting in the carnage you see here. It’s […]

Roberto Ricci’s Rapide wipeout

Roberto Ricci, Italian surfboard maker, is a pretty wealthy dude. Wealthy enough to buy an Aston Martin Rapide only to carelessly crash it after asking himself “what does this button do?” Afterwards it all seemed a bit of a laugh, really. Perhaps he should have spent some of his money on driving lessons. Check out […]

Ferrari Enzo crash: ‘This is just a boo boo’

Spare a thought for amateur racer Zahir Rana who put his edo competition tuned  Ferrari Enzo into the drink during the recent Targa Newfoundland rally. Luckily he and navigator Roland Linder walked away unharmed. The poor Enzo, though, has some good drying time ahead of it. Rana seems confident his car can be repaired. But […]

Turbo Rhine

It was this big! Sadly, we bring you this video of a soaked 996 Porsche 911 Turbo being craned out of the Rhine River in Zurich, Switzerland. We’re told the owner was a well-to-do 24-year-old but that it was a friend of his who drove the Porker off a dock and into the river. We’re […]

‘Crashadder’ goes forth

More pics of Rowan Atkinson’s crashed McLaren F1 have emerged and, as you can see, they don’t make for pleasant viewing. In some good news for the star of Blackadder and Mr Bean, he been released from hospital with no more than a broken shoulder blade. Looking at these images he can thank the strength […]