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Rowan Atkinson crashes his McLaren F1

Reports from the UK bring word that Rowan Atkinson has been hospitalised after crashing his McLaren F1. Although it has been described that Atkinson “cheated death” he suffered only a minor shoulder injury. It’s understood the 56-year-old comedian lost control of the car and it spun three times before crashing into a tree then a […]

Nissan GT-R lights my fire

First filed 20 February. We’re sad to report on the loss of a Nissan GT-R due to fire. The incident happened near Bukit Tinggi in Malaysia. From the evidence in this YouTube clip appears to be the result of a collision between the GT-R and a Mk6 Golf GTI. It’s currently unknown if either of […]

Audi R8 GT lights my fire

That thing, above, is an Audi R8 GT. Or at least, it was. The R8 GT is a go-faster version of the R8 V10. Lighter and more powerful than the regular model, only 333 R8 GTs are scheduled for production. It is understood the driver lost control on a damp patch of motorway near Munich. […]

Ferrari 458 Italia lights my fire, again!

This burning Ferrari 458 Italia phenomenon is getting out of control. After the break you can see video of the sizzling 458 shown above, which was filmed in China.Apparently there have been four fire incidents involving the 458 Italia in the last two weeks. Reported in the UK newspaper The Telegraph a Ferrari spokesman from […]

Treedom fighter

If you had the cash to buy yourself a Ferrari 458 Italia I bet you’d be pretty happy with yourself. What, then, if you drove it into a tree the next day? That’s exactly what happened to this poor 458. There are some practical lessons we hope we never have to learn. It looks like […]

Ferrari 458 Italia really lights my fire

This molten mess you see was once a gorgeous Ferrari 458 Italia. If you thought last week’s bbq case was a sorry sight, well, this disaster has taken things to a whole new level. According to the post on the Wrecked Exotics website this 458 was another French roast. Allegedly the car was having an […]

Ferrari 458 Italia lights my fire

The gentleman you see above got a bit of a fright when he saw the rear arch of his Ferrari 458 Italia in flames while driving through the streets of Paris. No danger of the captain going down with the ship here, though. Monsiuer Italia legged it leaving his poor 458 to a firey end. […]

Ferrari 360 lights my fire

The Ferrari 360, such a beautiful car, but this is such a horrible sight. These two pics were spotted on Flickr and show the Fezza being barbecued on Highway 101 in California. In the second pic your stomach just drops when you see a man watching the 360 disappear as he looks on helplessly. Ashes […]

And then there were 24

A Hong Kong driver has put the F into fail after crashing his Pagani Zonda F, one of just 25 ever made. Supposedly the pwner was returning from a track day when he remembered Murray Walker’s immortal words “unless I’m very much mistaken”, at which point he was indeed mistaken as he proceeded to plough […]

Dumb & Dumber

You’ll remember yesterday’s sad story of the Bugatti Veyron taking a dip. Amazingly, the incident has been captured on video and can be seen below after the jump. Adding some humour to the tragedy is the expert commentary provided by the guys behind the camera. Let’s call them Lloyd and Harry: Lloyd: [murmurs] That will […]

In the drink

Now kids, this is why you shouldn’t talk on your mobile phone while driving, okay. It has been reported the anonymous owner of this Bugatti Veyron was having a yak on his phone when a pelican flew in front of the car’s windscreen. Startled by Mr Percival‘s fly-by, the driver dropped his phone, filled his […]

This one’s gonna bruise

The New York owner of this Koenigsegg CCX has just lived through his worst nightmare. His car was crashed by somebody else. Y’know, it would be one thing if a thief stole the car and crashed it. You don’t tend to trust a thief all that much, so as difficult as it would be, you […]