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Top Gear Australia – Series 2, Episode 7

The real Top Gear has returned to UK screens, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have our fun with the local guys. Sure, they may not reach the same lofty standards of the UK originals, but in isolation they’re not too bad. Isolation is something the Steve and Warren find themselves surrounded by tonight […]

World of Top Gear exhibition opens

On schedule, the new World of Top Gear exhibition opened on Friday at the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu, near Southampton. From the World of Top Gear page on the Beaulieu website: “Ever wondered what happened to the amphibious Toyota, the Alfa/Saab stretch limo and the Reliant Robin rocket that were drowned/cut in half/fired into […]

Top Gear Australia – Series 2, Episode 6

Tonight’s was a run of the mill episode. James drove a Pontiac Commodore around LA and waxed lyrical about Aussie motoring brilliance. His points weren’t entirely convincing, it has to be said. He also took a new Nissan 370Z for a test drive. This should be the program’s raison d’être. The challenges and mucking around […]

Win a trip to the Nürburgring Nordschleife

Top Gear Australia are offering up a trip for two to the Nürburgring Nordschleife. The prize includes airfares, accommodation and, the best part, driver tuition with Ron Simons from RSR Nurburg. You must be over 18 to enter, hold an Australian driving licence and be able to travel in the last week of August this […]

Top Gear Australia – Series 2, Episode 5

Another pass mark for TGA this week. The main challenge, making an armoured car, did have as many holes in it as the cars by segment end. But it was what it was—a harmless bit of fun. The hosts are interacting better and the show continues to improve. Steve’s piece on the two Elfins was […]

Top Gear Australia – Series 2, Episode 4

There seems to be a pattern forming here. This was, generally speaking, another very good episode from the TGA lads. More importantly, the hosts are improving. They still have a way to go if their aim is to match the UK masters, but their progression is evident. Opening the show with a supercar shopping trolley […]

Top Gear Australia – Series 2, Episode 3

After tonight’s episode I think we can say Top Gear Australia has found second gear. This was easily one of their best episodes and probably the best episode to date. The chemistry with the hosts was smooth, natural and the forced behaviour of earlier episodes was pleasantly absent. I have to again compliment the production […]

Top Gear Australia – Series 2, Episode 2

A serviceable episode from the lads tonight. I’m yet to be convinced we can expect greatness from the locals, but episode 2 did provide solid entertainment. The show opened with a piece on the HSV Clubsport R8, which quickly, and thankfully, took a turn for something that sounds truly mad. The brutes from Walkinshaw Performance […]

Top Gear Australia – Series 2, Episode 1

Well, I didn’t mind the return of Top Gear Australia on SBS TV tonight. New host James Morrison was not bad. Actually, for a first up effort he was quite good, even if there is room for improvement. His opening piece testing the Mitsubishi Evo X was more than reasonable, helped by some very good […]

Top Gear Australia – Series 2 returns 11 May

Just spotted on CarAdvice is news that Top Gear Australia has put out an audience call for its second series. The first recording date is just a few weeks away on Tuesday 7 April. A full list of filming dates is listed below. Series 2 will premiere on SBS Television on Monday 11 May. Of […]

Top Gear LIVE – A review

Top Gear LIVE has now left Australian shores. Like many of the cars on show it was a whirlwind affair filled with action. That is a given, but was it actually any good? It was entertaining. Certainly. But I’m not so sure it was everything it could be. The “show” kicked off with a series […]

Top Gear Australia loses Cox and blows Morrison’s trumpet

Charlie Cox has told SBS he will be leaving the Top Gear Australia franchise to spend more time in his native Britain. He will be replaced by Australian jazz icon James Morrison, who will join existing hosts Warren Brown and Steve Pizzati for the second series, scheduled to hit our television screens in 2009. “My […]