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Top Gear Australia – Series 1, Episode 8

The final episode of Top Gear Australia Series 1 has just gone to air. Tonight’s episode started with a great concept, ‘The Ultimate Drive’. Pick your ideal car, and add some truly great driving roads. The lads headed to Tasmania, including a closed road run on a Targa Tasmania special stage. Charlie in a Porsche […]

Top Gear Australia – Series 1, Episode 7

Lots of good content in tonight’s episode, the Nissan GT-R package was the highlight for me. Shooting the dark silver car through Sydney’s city lights at night looked stunning at times. The clips driving past the Ferrari and Porsche dealerships also worked well. Kudos, too, for Steve getting access to the new stretch of Highway […]

Top Gear Australia – Series 1, Episode 6

Due to an, erm, error in scheduling I’ve not seen episode 6 as yet, but I will update this post with my thoughts when I have. In the meantime, there’s a few more pics and an SBS press release below…

Top Gear Australia – Series 1, Episode 5

Monday night’s episode of Top Gear Australia was a bit of a hit and miss affair. The amphibious car challenge (pictured above) was quite good, if a little predictable. But, like previous TGA segments, it didn’t really forge a meaningful conclusion. Although, watching the car start up first go and drive out of the water […]

Top Gear Australia test track

The SBS hosted Top Gear Australia website has recently published a working drawing of their test track. The location is Camden Airport, Sydney—follow this link for the Google-Maps-eye view. Currently a right-hand drive Ford GT holds the record for the fastest Power Lap time at 1:08.80, some six tenths quicker than a Nissan GT-R (speed […]

Top Gear Australia – Series 1, Episode 4

Another great step forward from the local Top Gear crew this week. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say tonight’s episode was comparable to Top Gear UK. Sure, the Australian version is not reaching the consistent highs each week, but they are getting there. As usual, there will be complaints from TV land, […]

Top Gear Australia – Series 1, Episode 3

Much better episode this week. Comfortably the show’s best to date. Warren Brown, the glue holding the hosts together, posted an entertaining piece on the BMW X6. Steve Pizzati was confused by the Mercedes-Benz CLK AMG 63 Black Series—is it a GT, a track day special, or just something grey in between? On these two […] has mid-cycle upgrade has just been given a new look. There’s games, videos and heaps of stuff about the show and pretty much all things Top Gear. Even confirmation of AUSmotive’s world exclusive news about the lads filming in Vietnam. Their new look is pretty cool, check it out… Speaking of Top Gear websites, the Australian version […]

Top Gear Australia – Series 1, Episode 2

The second episode of Top Gear Australia has just gone to air—have they improved on the promise shown in last week’s debut? Well, the episode got off to a very slow start. This, despite Charlie testing a right-hand drive Ford GT40 and then Charlie and Steve chucking a couple of Aussie supertaxis around Wakefield Park. […]

Top Gear Australia – Series 1, Episode 1

Top Gear Australia has arrived. It is clear, now, that the Top Gear format has been franchised, in the true sense of the word. Everything from the cast, the theme music, the set, right down to the seating positions of the presenters during the news segment pretty much matches the UK show frame for frame. […]

Top Gear Australia teaser

Spotted on CarAdvice, here is a two and a half minute teaser for Top Gear Australia. The first episode will air nationally on SBS on Monday 29 September. If this teaser is anything to go by, I reckon the show will be a bloody good value.