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New vehicle sales report – January 2012

Australian automotive sales have started strongly in 2012 with a total of 76,783 sold. That’s an increase of 3199 sales compared to the same month last year. Sadly, we think, the growth is due in part to the seemingly insatiable appetite the Australian market has for SUVs. In this segment sales were up almost 30% […]

New vehicle sales report – December 2011

Australia registered over one million new vehicle sales in 2011 the latest FCAI press release reveals. The final tally of 1,008,437 represents the fourth time the country has passed one million sales in a calendar year. Despite dropping more than 27,000 sales (-2.6%) on 2010 numbers, FCAI chief executive Ian Chalmers reminds us this is […]

New vehicle sales report – October 2011

Australia remains on track to achieve one million new vehicle sales according to FCAI chief executive Ian Chalmers. VFACTS figures state 85,196 new vehicles were sold in October, a rise of 5.3 per cent on the same month last year. “Manufacturers are reporting a steady increase in demand, placing the industry in a strong position […]

New vehicle sales report – September 2011

Despite the demise of the Rick Damelian empire, one of Sydney’s largest dealership networks, new vehicle sales were buoyant last month. A total of 86,819 sales were registered, an increase of 1765 (2.1%) on the same month last year. Year-to-date a total of 752,128 new vehicles have been sold and the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries […]

New vehicle sales report – August 2011

Things are looking up as far as new vehicle sales in Australia are concerned. At total of 88,082 sales were recorded in August. That’s up 7091 compared to the previous month and 5960 more than August 2010. Steve Payne, FCAI acting Chief Executive, explains the market is trending upwards after a slow start to 2011, […]

New vehicle sales report – July 2011

A total of 80,991 new vehicles were sold last month according to official VFACTS numbers. That represents a small drop of 1.7% compared to July 2010. Steve Payne, FCAI Acting Chief Executive, explains the year-long trend is lower again, “While the drop in sales in July is small compared to the same month last year, […]

New vehicle sales report – June 2011

Apologies for missing last month’s update and for those keeping score Holden actually pipped Toyota to the highest selling marque for May. A result largely due to supply issues in Japan following the tsunami earlier this year. Indeed the total sales for May were 77,406 a fall of 13.2% on 2010 figures. And so it […]

New vehicle sales report – April 2011

April’s Easter and Anzac day holiday break is being cited as the cause for an 8.8% drop in sales compared to 2010 figures. In all 74,214 new vehicles were sold. Japanese marques are expected to have temporary ongoing supply issues following the unfortunate earthquake and tsunami. Toyota and Holden continue their reign as the country’s […]

New vehicle sales report – March 2011

March was another month without much fanfare as far as vehicle sales go. The official press release from FCAI is very matter of fact. In real terms, though, the numbers don’t seem too bad. A total of 93,984 sales were registered, a drop of just under 1% compared to March 2010. FCAI Chief Executive Andrew […]

New vehicle sales report – February 2011

You can tell it’s not been a great month for new vehicle sales when less than a handful of companies issue press releases. That’s certainly been the case with February’s sales, which fell 1.6% on 2010 numbers. FCAI Chief Executive Andrew McKellar is talking things up, though, claiming private buyers are out in force, “Sales […]

New vehicle sales report – January 2011

The start of the new calendar year has seen a solid result in the new car market with 73,584 new vehicles finding homes. That’s a minor drop in sales of 1280 (1.7%) compared to January last year. However, it is worth noting that sales in flood ravaged Queensland dropped by almost 2000 (12.8%) compared to […]