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New vehicle sales report – 2014

For just the third time in Australia’s history we bought over 1.1 million new vehicles in a calendar year. Despite this, all states—expect New South Wales—sold fewer vehicles compared with 2013 and total sales across the country dropped 2.0% to 1,111,224; down from last year’s record high sales mark of 1,136,227. The irrepressible march of […]

New vehicle sales report – 2013

Australians signed on the dotted line for more than one million new vehicle sales in 2013, for just the sixth time on record. The final tally last year ended at 1,136,227 vehicle sales. Loosely broken down, that’s 566,454 passenger vehicle sales, 333,511 SUVs, 204,566 light commericals and 31,696 heavy commercials. Looking at the different market […]

New vehicle sales report – December 2012

A round of applause for Australia’s car buying public who achieved an all-time record of 1,112,032 sales in 2012. It’s only the fifth time Australians have bought more than 1 million cars in a calendar year. Last year’s results represent an overall increase of 10.3% (103,595 sales) compared with 2011. FCAI Chief Executive, Tony Weber, […]

New vehicle sales report – October 2012

It’s becoming boring to keep reporting that SUV sales are once again behind a strong monthly sales result. But VFACTS figures show SUV sales havr increased by 28.6% so far this year, and contributed 25,737 sales towards the October total of 95,584 new vehicle sales. Year-to-date numbers show a total of 918,258 new vehicles have […]

New vehicle sales report – August 2012

A total of 93,552 new vehicles were sold last month according to official VFACTS data. All states and territories, except Tasmania, registered more sales last month compared to August 2011. Government sales are down compared to last year, but private and business sales are responsible for the strong August result. As always, SUV sales continue […]

New vehicle sales report – July 2012

After the euphoria of an end of financial year inspired all-time monthly record in June, Australia’s new vehicle sales came back to reality in July, with 86,641 vehicles walking out the door. The official VFACTS figures show there’s still a strong demand for SUVs. Although at least buyers are downsizing their SUVs and even keen […]

New vehicle sales report – June 2012

Not content with May’s sales figures—an all-time record for that month—Australian car buyers have now set a new record for any month, registering 112,566 vehicle sales in June. That’s a staggering increase of 16,409 sales compared to June 2011. Year-to-date sales total 547,854 vehicles and you’d suggest that means Australia will once again top one […]

New vehicle sales report – May 2012

Last month Australians set a new vehicle sales record for the month of May. A total of 96,069 vehicles were sold, representing a very healthy increase of over 24% (18,668 vehicles) compared to May 2011. Year-to-date numbers are up almost 9% on 2011 numbers, with a total of 435,288 sales in the first five months […]

New vehicle sales report – April 2012

A total of 79,097 new vehicles were sold in April, official VFACTS numbers show. That’s an increase of 6.6% (4,833 sales) compared to same month last year. While the demand for SUVs continues (27.6% of all monthly sales) there is an increasing trend for diesel powered SUVs, up 56% on the same month in 2011. […]