The “5 by Peugeot” Concept Car – 508 preview

5 by Peugeot Concept Car

Peugeot have just released images of this new Concept Car. Peugeot are pushing it as a “new luxury saloon driving experience”. Its full title is rather clumsy—5 by Peugeot Concept Car—but just look at it. There’s nothing clumsy about the exterior. It is a very, very good looking car. Nothing revolutionary in terms of overall shape or concept, but a beautifully executed design.

Okay, perhaps the bonnet and rear lights might be a bit fussy. And, yes, LED headlamps are becoming over played (get used to that), but given the rest of the detailing on the car, it’s easy to excuse those frivolous moments. When you’re going through the images below make sure you take the time to appreciate the side profile of the glasshouse. The way the B-pillar has been hidden behind the windows is a wonderful piece of design. If, in fact there is a B-pillar, being a concept car you’re never quite sure what is beneath under the skin.

Peugeot’s press release makes no comment about the Geneva Motor Show, but we will see more of this car then. After making such a grand statement with the exterior one can only hope they have created an interior to match.

The 5 by Peugeot is powered by the company’s Hybrid4 technology, also seen in the RCZ concept, which is a mix of electric and diesel power. Good for 200bhp and CO2 emissions under 100g/km the car is driven by all four wheels.