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Peugeot EX1 sets new electric record at the Ring

Peugeot EX1

This crazy looking electric powered Peugeot EX1, complete with 250kW, has set a new lap record on the Nürburgring Nordschleife for an electric powered car. It didn’t hang about, either, posting time of 9:01.338—oh so close to breaking the 9 minute barrier—at an average speed of just over 138km/h for those slow with their calculators.

Stéphane Caillet, from Peugeot’s Research & Development Centre, was the man behind the wheel and we reckon he deserves a big pat on the back. He knocked some 50 seconds off the lap record, previously held by the MINI E.

The official word from Peugeot, plus a brief video clip, can be seen after the break.

Green Machines Peugeot

Peugeot EX1 turns dreams into reality

Peugeot EX1

This funky little rocketship looks like something that could only have been created thanks to an automotive designer’s wildest dreams. But it’s the real deal. It’s called a Peugeot EX1 and it features a couple of electric engines giving a total of 250kW. It weighs bugger all and it is lightning quick, apparently.

Utilising an all-wheel drive system Peugeot say the EX1 the car has “already broken several world records for acceleration from a standing start.” Although, at this stage, no numbers are given to support those claims.

I guess that means we just have to marvel at the wild exoskeleton structure that has an overall height of just 90cm and features spectacular rearward opening doors.

There’s heaps of pics after the break, make sure you check them out, this EX1 is tres cool!


Peugeot 508 – due in Australia mid-2011

2011 Peugeot 508

Peugeot has just released these images of their new 508 saloon and wagon. The 508 will be launched in 2011 and Peugeot say this is the first of their models to take styling cues from the SR1 Concept (well, they both have four wheels I suppose).

A mix of petrol and diesel e-HDi engines will be offered with the 508. Also joining the range will be a HYbrid4 option. This eco-warrior model has headline specs of 200bhp, all-wheel drive and a CO2 figure of just 99g/km.

Peugeot reckon the interior of the 508 is pretty flash saying, “Every detail has been chosen to offer indisputable perceived quality, both visually and to the touch.” The interior does look quite nice at first glance, although a closer inspection shows there are a lot of buttons and it could be a bit fiddly.

Outside, we’re being told the look is “timeless” and typical “French chic”. To be honest, it’s a bit hard to tell from these pics. More than usual, the 508 is one of those cars that needs to be judged in person and not from images. In the photos supplied the 508 looks svelte and smooth, while at the same time looking bloated and not quite right.

Take a look at the pics after the break and judge for yourself.

UPDATE 14 July: Peugeot Australia has just sent out the following info, “The 508 is being developed for a local market release by mid 2011… [it] will be unveiled to the public at the 2011 Melbourne International Motor Show.” Full release below.

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Peugeot all set for Le Mans defence

Peugeot 908 HDi FAP

The factory backed Peugeot 908 HDi FAP machines are all set to defend their 2009 Le Mans 24 hour crown. But seeing as the French team have demoted Australia’s David Brabham from the winning car to the LMP2 category AUSmotive’s full support will be behind the Audi R15 TDI.

Of course, Peugeot won’t care about that too much as they’re far too busy preparing the 908 for its fourth and final outing at La Sarthe. Indeed, Peugeot Sport’s Technical Director, Bruno Famin is expecting a close race with the R15s from Ingolstadt, “This is the 908 HDi FAP’s fourth and final year of competition. It is an outstanding car and I think we can look forward to an incredibly thrilling Le Mans 24 Hour; I believe it will be very close from flag to flag.”

Famin also explains a bit about the changes made to the car since its 2009 success, “Our work initially focused on adapting the 908 HDi FAP to the new 2010 regulations, which essentially meant the engine and bodywork. The only aerodynamic change is the result of having to adjust to this year’s new engine power levels.

“We have endeavoured to recover some of the power lost because of the rule changes, which involved working with Bosch on improving engine combustion, reducing power losses through friction with Total and improving the flow efficiency of the intake and exhaust systems with Dow.”

There’s more from Peugeot and their three-car team after the break. For Australian readers television coverage of the 2010 Le Mans 24 hour race will be provided by One HD on free to air, and the EuroSport channel on Foxtel will also have extensive coverage of the race, including practice and qualifying sessions. Check your local guides for details. A live online radio broadcast, with English commentary, is also provided for free by Radio Le Mans.


The “5 by Peugeot” Concept Car – 508 preview

5 by Peugeot Concept Car

Peugeot have just released images of this new Concept Car. Peugeot are pushing it as a “new luxury saloon driving experience”. Its full title is rather clumsy—5 by Peugeot Concept Car—but just look at it. There’s nothing clumsy about the exterior. It is a very, very good looking car. Nothing revolutionary in terms of overall shape or concept, but a beautifully executed design.

Okay, perhaps the bonnet and rear lights might be a bit fussy. And, yes, LED headlamps are becoming over played (get used to that), but given the rest of the detailing on the car, it’s easy to excuse those frivolous moments. When you’re going through the images below make sure you take the time to appreciate the side profile of the glasshouse. The way the B-pillar has been hidden behind the windows is a wonderful piece of design. If, in fact there is a B-pillar, being a concept car you’re never quite sure what is beneath under the skin.

Peugeot’s press release makes no comment about the Geneva Motor Show, but we will see more of this car then. After making such a grand statement with the exterior one can only hope they have created an interior to match.

The 5 by Peugeot is powered by the company’s Hybrid4 technology, also seen in the RCZ concept, which is a mix of electric and diesel power. Good for 200bhp and CO2 emissions under 100g/km the car is driven by all four wheels.


Limited edition Peugeot 207 HDi Le Mans Series

Peugeot 207 HDi Le Mans Series

Car companies are never too shy to let a marketing opportunity slip, and the limited edition Pegueot 207 HDi ‘Le Mans Series’ is certainly proof of that. Limited to just 75 models in Australia (from 2000 world wide) the diesel Pug attempts to build on Peugeot’s Le Mans heritage, including their triple podium result in the 1993 24 hour race (with Geoff Brabham in the winning car) and the current 908 HDi FA racecar

Priced at $31,990 the 1.6 litre 207 HDi is available in Biana White and Obsidien Black, both colours having the red racing stripe on the bonnet and the (dare I say it) HSV-like lion’s head door graphic. The limited edition model also has plenty of other goodies thrown in, including 17″ alloys, ESP, dual zone climate control and leather/alcantara seats, to name just  a few. As expected, fuel consumption is very tidy, coming in under 5l/100km, although power is moderate at 80kW, but in true diesel fashion torque is where it’s at—the 207 HDi ‘Le Mans Series’ has 240Nm available at just 1750rpm.

Full details from Pegeuot can be read after the jump.


Family touring in a 308

Peugeot 308 Touring

Remember your old summer holidays, with a long family drive in scorching heat. Your dad’s big 308 would scream past the semis on the highway and you just knew when you grew up you wanted a a beefy 308 too! Well son, I’m sorry to tell you, things have changed a bit. Holden doesn’t make a 308 any more, it has turned into a 427—stone the flamin’ crows, that’s 7 litres—and you need to be a Russian oligarch to afford its fuel bill. Fear not, because Peugeot shared your dream and they have already given us a new worldy, grain-fed 308. Yes, a small European hatchback is now what the kids of today dream of, and their memories of summer holidays will not be of long highway drives, but trips to the solarium or to the latest organically approved market to pick up some lima bean fed yak milk, or something. And, as if it couldn’t get any better, Peugeot Australia, in a fit of family fury, has just announced their 308 Touring range. So you see, your 308 dream car can come alive once again. This time with as many as five are-we-nearly-there-yets in the back. Seven seats in all. Happy days indeed!

Peugeot Video

Climb Dance featuring Ari Vatanen

Welcome to one of the best pieces of motorsport footage ever filmed. Jean Louis Mourey’s five minute masterpiece captures the sights and sounds of Ari Vatanen at the 1988 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Vatanen literally manhandles his purpose built 447kW (599bhp) all wheel drive Peugeot 405 T16 to the summit on his way to victory in a then record time of 10:47.77. The current outright record, set at the 2007 event, is 10:01.41, set by Japan’s Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima driving a Suzuki XL7.