Elvis lives and he’s a BMW 507!

BMW 507 'Elvis'

Elvis lives! We all knew his death back in 1977 was a conspiracy, but few knew he’s being reincarnated as a true thing of beauty—a BMW 507.

Actually, this is not entirely true, but there is a connection between Elvis Presley and the 507, specifically the car carrying chassis #70079. This was the car which Elvis used during his time in the US Army while stationed in Germany in 1959.

After some searching, the once white sports coupé was uncovered with red paint and in desperate need of restoration. BMW Classic is now undertaking that process and we’re sure the finished article will be number one with music fans and BMW fans alike. Follow the links below for more.

[Source: BMW Classic & Bimmer Mag]


BMW 507 – eBay offers a genuine classic

BMW 507 - eBay find

Every now and then eBay turns up a genuine motoring icon. This listing from the US of an incredibly rare BMW 507 is one of those examples. Just 253 of the aluminium skinned coupés were made by BMW. All were hand built and were powered by a 150hp 3.2 litre V8. The example on sale is in excellent condition, with the only real negative being the make-shift head unit install.

Back in the 1950s when the car was made its achilles heel was its price and this was the reason for its low production numbers. Although, it did count motorsport legend John Surtees and the King, Elvis Presley, among its owners. The cost of the car can never hide the 507’s gorgeous shapes and lines, though; it ranks in the AUSmotive annals as one of the most beautiful cars ever made.

Today, though, its rarity simply drives used prices up. This eBay listing is proof of that, with the current bidding at US$500,100. The auction ends tomorrow.

After the break you can see more photos as well as the text detailing the car’s history, which has been copied from the eBay listing.

[Source: eBay US | Thanks to Jono for the tip]


The BMW 507 – a timeless classic

Chris Bangle’s flame inspired visual language has certainly polarised BMW fans the world over. Even the latest BMW design, the Concept X1, has attracted its fair share of criticism. So, in a world of armchair experts and internet engineers, let’s all just relax and enjoy the 1950s classic BMW 507—a design that has aged as gracefully as it looks.

Sourcing good images of the 507 was a little problematic, however, I did find a lovely old skool illustration, which you can see below.