BMW 2 Series coming your way this week

BMW 2 Series

BMW brings our attention to the official release of the F22 2 Series coupé this Friday with a short teaser video. We expect that will confirm the leaked details of the M235i, and others, we saw a couple of weeks ago.


BMW M235i specs leaked

BMw M235i spied

Bimmerpost brings word of the specifications for the forthcoming F22 BMW 2 Series Coupé, notably the M235i. Also included are specs for the 220i and 220d.

The data came via the BMW South Africa website which means we can take it as being accurate. Here’s the key stats, and after the break you can see screen grabs.

BMW M235i
Power/torque: 240kW @ 5800rpm / 450Nm @ 1300–4500rpm
Engine: 2979cc six cylinder turbo (N55B30O0)
Weight (unladen): 1455kg (manual), 1470kg (auto)
0–100km/h: 5.0s (manual), 4.8s (auto)
0–1000m: 23.8s

BMW 220i
Power/torque: 135kW @ 5000rpm / 270Nm @ 1250–4500rpm
Engine: 1997cc four cylinder turbo (N20B20U0)
Weight (unladen): 1350kg (manual), 1365kg (auto)
0–100km/h: 7.0s
0–1000m: 27.3s (manual), 27.7s (auto)

BMW 220d
Power/torque: 135kW @ 4000rpm / 380Nm @ 1750–2750rpm
Engine: 1995cc four cylinder diesel (N47D20O1)
Weight (unladen): 1375kg (manual), 1390kg (auto)
0–100km/h: 7.2s (manual), 7.1s (auto)
0–1000m: 27.5s (manual), 27.4s (auto)

For those playing at home they’ll been keen to note a small 5kW increase for the M235i compared with the M135i, which brings a very slight performance benefit too, shaving 0.1s off the claimed 0-100km/h times.

[Source: Bimmerpost | Thanks to John for the tip]


BMW 4 Series Coupe revealed

F32 BMW 4 Series Coupe

BMW has now released a full suite of information and images for its all-new F32 4 Series Coupe. Based on the F30 3 Series saloon the Coupe has a slightly restyled front to help emphasise the width of the car.

In profile and three-quarter view the 4 Series has a long bonnet and almost liftback-like appearance to the rear. This didn’t seem as apparent to us on the Concept 4 Series Coupe revealed late last year. Overall we think the production 4 Series looks pretty good, although the front edge of the bonnet does have a droopiness to it that we’d like to see in person before forming a finite opinion.

At launch you can have the 4er in three specifications. Starting with the four-cylinder turbo 420d, you’ll have 135kW/350Nm on tap. If you’d prefer petrol power you can have either the 180kW/350Nm four-cylinder turbo 428i or the range-topping 435i powered by BMW’s much loved turbocharged 3.0 litre straight six producing 225kW/400Nm.

There’s another 70 photos waiting for you after the break, including a handful of pics showing the M Sport kit. That will give us a small taste of what to expect for the highly anticipated M4. In addition to the pics we’ve also given you access to the full 36 page press kit.


BMW 1M Coupé begins to make its mark

BMW 1M Coupe

The highly anticipated BMW 1 Series M Coupé is starting to find its way into the garages of some very chuffed new owners. Australian buyers have to wait until June for their own 1M experience, but those on the waiting list will be encouraged by a couple of stories that have come our way via Bimmerpost.

First 1M story off the rank, so to speak, centres around one very lucky Canadian buyer who took the European Delivery option for his 1M. This is something not generally open to buyers down under and we recommend you put aside some time to read the excited tale of 1addicts poster WLKSFTLY. Well, wouldn’t you want to collect your 1M by having a chat with the M GmbH engineers who helped create the car and then cap it off with a few laps at the Nürburgring if you could?

The Alpine White 1M you see above belongs to a Swedish buyer and he has also been on a tour of sorts, knocking out laps at the Ring, as well as Spa and now Dutch circuit Zandvoort. While in the Netherlands Driving Fun had a crack and wrote a review of the car. Of course, they wrote their thought in Dutch, so we only have a crudely translated para to share with you:

“On the circuit. With over 240km/h approaching the next corner. Short and hard braking, submit, and in passing through the apex challenge your right foot off the engine again. On the adjacent straight feel the adrenaline flowing through your body—a pleasant tingle.”

Dr Segler’s goose pimples we presume? Follow the links below for more.

[Source: Driving Fun via Bimmerpost]


Walter Röhrl drives the legendary Porsche 904

Porsche 904

Walter Röhrl, Porsche luminary and Targa Tasmania competitor, has taken to the track in a beautifully restored 904 GTS. The car is part of the excellent rolling Porsche Museum which makes sure its car go as well as they show.

With Röhrl at the wheel, the sleek coupé still has the ability to powerslide through corners, all while looking as stunning today as it did when it made its racing debut back in 1963.

Enjoy the footage after the break. Oh, we’re disappointed the Autoblog footage of Walter spinning the 904 didn’t make the final edit.

[Thanks to Wayne for the tip]

Motor Shows Porsche

Porsche to start 2011 with world debut at Detroit

Porsche 918 Coupe rendering

Porsche has confirmed it will be bringing “an important show debut” to the NAIAS in Detroit later this month. What we don’t know for sure is what that model will be. Current speculation says it will be a 918 Coupé; a model sitting above the 911, but below the 918 Spyder, which debuted at Geneva last year.

AutoBild has published a couple of renderings showing what the 918 Coupé might look like. Obviously there is a strong link to the stunning Spyder on which it is based. Reports say the Coupé version could be powered by a twin-turbo V8 with 600hp+ on tap. Nice!

The 918 Coupé should be just the thing to get Porsche into a ringside battle with the Ferrari 458 Italia and imminent McLaren MP4-12C. Just a shame we probably won’t see a production version of the new Porsche until 2014.

We should have all the answers on Porsche’s new model once the NAIAS news breaks in a bit over a week from now. More after the break.


Close to you

BMW 1M Coupe

BMW specialist website BimmerFile has a nice gallery of images showcasing the 1M Coupé. The pics of the newest M car were taken at the BMW Welt in Munich. Although still mostly under cover, as we’ve already seen, these shots do offer some closer details of the car. BMW are expected to show the 1M Coupé in full before Christmas, so we’ll be able to see how close these renderings are to the mark.

Follow the source link to access the full gallery.

[Source: BimmerFile]


Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake given green light

Mercedes-Benz Shooting Break Concept

Mercedes has just announced its very cool CLS Shooting Brake concept will become a production reality in 2012. The concept was first shown in April this year in Beijing at the Auto China show.

Now that the four-door coupé is set for production Dr Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars is a bit excited, “In 2004, Mercedes-Benz established a new vehicle segment with the four-door Coupé CLS and created a design icon. 170,000 customers around the globe show how enthusiastic this car has been received by the market. The decision to build the CLS Shooting Brake underscores the leading role of Mercedes-Benz in regards of innovative passenger car concepts and design – and that is exactly what the customers expect from us.”

The Shooting Brake will be built on the same production line as the CLS and the E-Class sedan at Sindelfingen.


New 991 Porsche 911 spy shots

Porsche 991 911 spy shot

Autoblog brings us a great gallery of images of the 991 Porsche 911 coupé and convertible. Based on these pics, which show development cars mostly free of camouflage, the next-generation 911 is going to be a very nice looking car. A better looking 997, really. Which is just what we have come to expect from Porsche.

With any luck we’ll see the 991 revealed at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show (3–13 March).

[Source: Autoblog | Pic: KGP Photography]


Did they have goose pimples?

BMW 1M Coupe

Recently, a select few motoring scribes fro around the globe got some one-on-one time with the BMW 1 Series M Coupé test mule. When the car was first announced Dr Kay Segler guaranteed goose pimples for us all. So, how did the chaps from Autocar, Inside Line and Motor Trend fare?

Autocar said: “There was sufficient evidence to suggest it will be stiff competition for the current crop of performance coupés. Changes to the suspension provide a noticeably more fluid feel than the standard 1-series, with more enthusiastic turn-in and added levels of grip. The electro-mechanical steering, for all its accuracy, delivers little feedback on centre but it is quite direct, at 2.4 turns lock to lock.”

Inside Line said: “First impressions once you’ve slotted the key into the ignition and hit the starter button are more than encouraging. The reworked engine is extraordinarily strong within the lower end of the rev range thanks to its solid reserves of torque.

But while its part-throttle properties are truly impressive, it is under boost, when its two turbochargers are spooling up, where the 1 Series M Coupe really comes alive. Planting your right foot at middling revs unleashes a heady rush of acceleration fully befitting its billing as the spiritual successor to BMW M division’s original M3. The reworked engine doesn’t mind being worked hard, either; the delivery remains strong all the way to the 7,000-rpm cutout point.”

Motor Trend said: “The 1M moves out smartly indeed with zero turbo lag and a healthy snarl that’s dominated by mechanical and induction noise. Servotronic steering retuned for the 1 Series M Coupe relays plenty of road feel with ideal levels of effort. The chassis’ broad stance and high level of control permit cornering that seems impossible outside the virtual world of Sony’s Gran Turismo. Those oversized brakes erase big speeds just as smoothly and effortlessly as the twin-turbos produce it. BMW claims its Nurburgring Nordschleife lap time falls just a bit shy of the M3’s, and that seems plausible.”

So, the general vibe is quite positive, but I wouldn’t say the goose-pimple-meter is in any real danger of blowing a fuse just yet. The teasing from BMW will continue until January next year when the proper 1M will make its public debut at Detroit.

[via BimmerFile | Pic: Inside Line]

Lotus Motor Shows

Paris 2010: Lotus Esprit

Lotus Esprit

“The icon is back.” That’s how Lotus has titled their press release for the new Esprit. It’s only back in concept form right now, but Lotus says the car will be on sale in 2013. The new aggressive lines and sharp edges make a bold statement and position the Esprit right in the heart of supercar territory. A fact mentioned many times in the promo video below.

The Esprit will be powered by a 5.0 litre V8 producing an inspiring peak power figure of 620PS (456kW) and a very encouraging 720Nm of torque. Tipping the scales at 1450kg (roughly the same as a Golf R) the Esprit rockets to 100km/h in 3.4 seconds and can reach a top speed of 330km/h.

Lotus CEO, Dany Bahar, is pumped, “Not only does the Esprit look incredible but it has the performance to match. We’ve stuck to the Lotus core values of performance through lightweight and teamed them with future technology and exceptional engineering to ensure that the Esprit will be the leader of the pack. The design is aggressive, you have to see it to appreciate how low and wide the proportions are but it still retains a level of dignity, of class and most of all exclusivity. I’m very proud of this car.”

More pics, video and official press release are available after the break.


BMW Concept 6 Series Coupé

BMW Concept 6 Series Coupé

Earlier today BMW sent out a press release titled “BMW at the 2010 Paris Motor Show”. The sneaky devils thought they could sneak in these pics of their new Concept 6 Series Coupé without anyone noticing. Which is odd, really, because unlike the old 6 Series, which was truly an affront to good taste, this one is actually quite attractive.

Gone is that horrid rear end, replaced by a new, stylish and coherent design solution that no longer has you screaming about the huge manatee. The styling clearly references the F10 5 Series, which is no bad thing.

BMW, though, really are a bit shy about this car. They’ve only given us a few lines of text with barely a semblance of any meaningful detail. Best look at the pretty pictures then and wait for the pages of information that will no doubt be sent out in a couple of weeks from now.