Front-wheel drive BMW 1 Series sedan spied

F52 BMW 1 Series sedan prototype

Despite previously suggesting it would leave Audi and Mercedes-Benz to play alone in the sand pit with the A3 sedan and the CLA, BMW now appears to making a 1 Series sedan after all.

It’s being reported the F52 1 Series sedan will be built on the front-wheel drive platform which will form the basis of the next-gen 1 and 2 Series ranges. It will also be offered with BMW’s x-Drive all-wheel drive technology.

Engine options will not go beyond four cylinders, although looking at BMW’s current 2.0 litre four pots, that still leaves room for plenty of punch.

[Source: Bimmerpost]


Do you care if BMW makes a FWD sedan?

BMW Concept Active Tourer

We all know that BMW is going to make a front-wheel drive hatchback. But while a front-wheel drive hatch may be palatable to purist BMW fans what will they think about a genuine front-wheel drive sedan wearing the famous BMW roundel?

Word is a bum dragging 1 Series sedan has been confirmed by Munich and it will become a reality. Not due until 2017 and currently under the working title of New Entry-level Sedan (NES) the future of the entire 1 Series range is heading for a front-wheel drive platform.

Speaking to Autoweek, a BMW source was quoted as saying: “The NES is integral to our growth plans. It will be an important pillar in the future 1 Series lineup, particularly in the US and China.”

The questions, then, firstly do we care? Will this be a watershed moment for BMW that sees it permanently lose some die hard fans? Do you think BMW could do the unthinkable and build the 3 Series on a FWD platform?

[Source: Automotive News]