Walter Röhrl drives the legendary Porsche 904

Porsche 904

Walter Röhrl, Porsche luminary and Targa Tasmania competitor, has taken to the track in a beautifully restored 904 GTS. The car is part of the excellent rolling Porsche Museum which makes sure its car go as well as they show.

With Röhrl at the wheel, the sleek coupé still has the ability to powerslide through corners, all while looking as stunning today as it did when it made its racing debut back in 1963.

Enjoy the footage after the break. Oh, we’re disappointed the Autoblog footage of Walter spinning the 904 didn’t make the final edit.

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BMW M3 GTS – Technical specifications


A couple of weeks ago BMW released news saying the M3 GTS was ready for its market launch. Overnight they released a set of technical specifications. You can download those specs after the break.

The GTS has an increased capacity 4.4 litre V8 producing 331kW. It has BMW’s latest 7-speed DCT transmission, to offer lightning quick gear changes. BMW say it can reach 100km/h in 4.4 seconds, that it can cover the standing kilometre in 22.5 seconds and go on to reach a v-max of 305km/h. To break it down further the M3 GTS asks each kilowatt to carry around 4.6kg. Its engine produces 75.9kW per litre.

They are some tidy numbers, but the only number that counts for Australian readers is 0. That is the total amount of M3 GTS models BMW have assigned for our market. It’s not a lot is it! Especially when you consider Car Advice reports around 30-40 M3 GTS examples will now be built in right hand drive. This is in contrast to original news that said the M3 GTS would be left-hand drive only.

However, we can thank our wonderful Australian Design Rules for ensuring the M3 GTS will not be sold down under. BMW Australia spokesman Piers Scott told Car Advice, “unfortunately, Australia’s ADRs prevent us from being able to licence it here,” explaining, “that it’s too loud and too low.”

This is rather disappointing given the aim of BMW M GmbH, according to its CEO, Dr Kay Segler, was to, “develop a model variant that would prove its outstanding potential both on the road and at club sport racing events.”

Bureaucracy strikes again! C’est la vie. More pics, words and a video can be seen below.


Orange juiced


Despite BMW Australia showing an interest in the feisty BMW M3 GTS, the latest word on the street says it will not be coming to Australia. Actually, there are currently no plans from BMW at all to even build the car in a right hand drive configuration. The news has been confirmed by BMW’s Corporate Communications Manager, Tim James. So, if you do happen to see a GTS down under, chances are it will be a track-only private import.

That’s it then kids, you’ll just have to enjoy these videos instead.

[Source: CarAdvice]