MY11 Nissan GT-R does 0-100 in 3.0 seconds

Nissan GT-R

The arse end of a Nissan GT-R is all you’re likely to see if the driver chooses to plant their foot. When details of the updated 2011 GT-R were released performance data was not published. But when you have a trump card like this up your sleeve, why not make a song and dance about it.

Nissan completed their testing in Japan during mid-November and recorded two 0–100km/h runs of 3.0 seconds on consecutive days. The weather was fine and sunny, with temps in the mid-teens.

Three seconds flat! Surely, the Nissan GT-R has to rank as one of the best bang for buck cars you can drive off a showroom floor.

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Nissan GT-R – MY11 specs released

Nissan GT-R

Nissan has just confirmed details of the MY11 changes made to its all-conquering GT-R. No car can show its face these days without LED daytime running lights, you see.

Of course, Nissan’s engineers went further than that, also trimming 10kg from the GT-R’s portly weight. Fuel consumption has been improved, along with a reduction in CO2 emissions. Minor tweaks have also been made to Godzilla’s suspension and brakes. These are complemented by new forged alloys from Rays.

Inside gets a once over, as well. Usual stuff like a revised instrument panel and nav display have been thrown in. But there are big changes, too. The steering wheel emblem now has “a new velour-like coating, expressing a glossy texture”. Amazing!

Outside has seen some cosmetic tweaks, notably the front spoiler can now feed in more air. These revisions also increase downforce by about 10%. Two new exterior paint colours—Jet Black and GTBlue—have been added to the colour palette.

However, the big news is more power. Quite a bit more actually. At its initial launch the GT-R had 353kW/588Nm. Well, now the little (big) Nissan that can boasts 390kW/600Nm. That’s quite a significant increase.

Australian deliveries for the MY11 model are expected from March next year.


MINI Cooper S facelift spotted

MY11 MINI Cooper S facelift

MINI is about to give its bread and butter model range a bit of a spruce up. While development cars have been spotted in the past these pics from Auto Express give us the best look yet at the 2011 spec MINI which is close to production.

The car photographed is the Cooper S model and you can see at the front the lower grille has some new intakes—which offer increased cooling to the front brakes. It is understood buyers will be able to option a Chrome Line package which would see those new intakes have the brightwork shown in these pics. If you’re a real trainspotter you might even notice the headlight cluster has had a minor tweak as well.

Round the back of the car (see pics below) more chrome trim has been added to the lower skirting to match the front. While this car is mostly undisguised there is still some tape covering the rear tail lights. Likely to be hiding the expected LED lighting detail.

From the side on view you also get a good look at the new Cooper S alloy wheels. Euro customers should be seeing these changes in their MINI Garages around August. That means we’ll probably have to wait until September-October here in Australia.

As always more detail on the latest MINI news can be read over at MotoringFile.

[Source: Auto Express]


MINI plans updates for JCW

MINI JCW diffuser spy pic

US website Left Lane News has some great spy pics of a new MINI John Cooper Works prototype. It’s understood sales of the flagship JCW model have been below expectations and to help put things right MINI plans to make the model more attractive to buyers.

One angle MINI has chosen to tackle the issue is to give the bodywork a once over to make it more unique against the regular MINI range. You can see from the image above that there are plans for a rear diffuser which is heavily inspired by the MINI Challenge racecars. The camouflage also indicates changes to the side skirts and front end spoiler are also in the pipeline. It is expected this new aero-kit will be factory-fitted for MY11 JCW models.

MotoringFile expects power for the JCW to be up slightly to around 215bhp (160kW) with efficiency improvements of around 10%, as well. MF also tells us production is expected to start in September and the car will be on display at the Paris Motor Show in October.

There’s plenty of pics in the Left Lane News article, so make sure you check them out.

[Source: Left Lane News via MotoringFile]