MINI release details of latest model refresh

MINI Cooper S

MINI have just given their model range a bit of a spruce up. Part mid-cycle model refresh and part counter-attack to the Audi A1 and its ilk, the new MINIs probably don’t look terribly different to most punters. Lucky, then, that MINI gave us some really big pictures of the bits that have changed.

Notably the front and rear bumper assemblies have been tarted up. So too the lighting visuals, with de rigueur LED rear tail lights now available. Those chrome trimmed scoops on the lower front grille actually feed air to the brakes to aid cooling. That’s a nice touch.

For the more frugal minded folk out there in MINI land you’ll be pleased to know there’s some new diesel engines on the way too.

The market launch of the model updates is not scheduled until mid-September so we can deduce that a) this early release of information shows MINI is keen to remind buyers not to forget them while they’re busy checking our Audi, Alfa Romeo and Fiat dealerships and b) that we may not be seeing these changes in Australia until early 2011.

Full details in the form of MINI’s press release can be read after the jump. Also included is a brief video and a Cooper S image gallery.


MINI Cooper S facelift spotted

MY11 MINI Cooper S facelift

MINI is about to give its bread and butter model range a bit of a spruce up. While development cars have been spotted in the past these pics from Auto Express give us the best look yet at the 2011 spec MINI which is close to production.

The car photographed is the Cooper S model and you can see at the front the lower grille has some new intakes—which offer increased cooling to the front brakes. It is understood buyers will be able to option a Chrome Line package which would see those new intakes have the brightwork shown in these pics. If you’re a real trainspotter you might even notice the headlight cluster has had a minor tweak as well.

Round the back of the car (see pics below) more chrome trim has been added to the lower skirting to match the front. While this car is mostly undisguised there is still some tape covering the rear tail lights. Likely to be hiding the expected LED lighting detail.

From the side on view you also get a good look at the new Cooper S alloy wheels. Euro customers should be seeing these changes in their MINI Garages around August. That means we’ll probably have to wait until September-October here in Australia.

As always more detail on the latest MINI news can be read over at MotoringFile.

[Source: Auto Express]


Audi TT facelift – official details

Audi TT

Audi have just given its TT range a bit of a freshen up. To be introduced with Model Year 2011 production the changes are mostly minimal, with subtle styling tweaks for the exterior and interior. Most obvious on the outside is the new lower spoiler design at the front. There’s a new chrome detail for the foglights, too, just in case you missed it.

New front grille treatments have been added to the TT and TTS models and the rear bumpers across the range have been tweaked to match the styling cues up front.

Inside there’s a few extra bits of aluminium and piano black trim, but that’s pretty much it. The TT’s colour palette has been fiddled with meaning there’s more options to choose from, inside and out.

The most significant changes have been made to the engine line up. Mostly, though, this just brings the TT inline with the rest of the Audi range. For example, the old 3.2 V6 has been dropped, the 147kW 2.0 TFSI has been swapped in favour of the 155kW version found in the Golf GTI, and so it goes. Hmm, I was under the impression these engine tweaks took place with the MY10 round of updates. Maybe not.

There’s more pics and Audi’s full press release available after the jump.

UPDATE: 39 extra images added at the end of the article.


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