MINI 5 door revealed

MINI 5 door

It’s got 72mm more interior length, 61mm more elbow and shoulder room, plus 15mm more headroom and an extra 67 litres of luggage space. Oh yeah, and five doors. It’s the first ever MINI 5 door.

The usual models have been announced for the launch, meaning the new MINI 5 door can be ordered in Cooper, Cooper D, Cooper S and Cooper SD trim.

As well as those interior dimensions listed above, the versatility of BMW’s UKL1 platform is further highlighted in the increase in length of the 5 door compared with the F56 3 door. At 3982mm, the Cooper models are 161mm longer than the 3 door, while the Cooper S models are 4005m in length.

A “MINI” that’s over four metres long, whatever will they think of next?

We expect the MINI 5 door will be on sale in Australia later this year, although there is a chance MINI Australia could hold off for an early 2015 sales launch.

There’s more pics and detail after the break, including a couple of PDF downloads.

Drive Thru MINI

Drive Thru: F56 MINI Cooper S

MINI Cooper S

We’re unashamed MINI fans here at AUSmotive, especially the warmer versions. However, during the development of the F56 we became concerned that BMW was beginning to strip too much of the character away from the brand which has captured the imagination of hot hatch fans around the world since its relaunch in 2001.

BMW’s first attempt at a Cooper S, the R53, was in some ways its best effort. Sure there were build quality issues and its unsophisticated engine wouldn’t have looked out of place in a piece of farm machinery, but such things were offset by the car’s unmistakable charisma. The R53’s best traits were its just right retro styling, pinpoint handling and razor sharp steering. That it was all capped off by an endearing chorus belted out by the supercharger was the icing on the cake.

The car which followed, the R56, was undoubtedly an improvement in virtually all aspects. Yet, while it still left you with a broad smile, some of the cheekiness from the R53 had been lost. So what of the third attempt, the F56? Has BMW been able to integrate MINI more closely with the BMW family and still keep its sense of fun and noted go kart feel?


MINI slashes Australian pricing for F56 introduction

MINI Cooper (F56)

MINI Australia will be rolling out the new F56 range across the country this month and has announced it has slashed pricing compared with outgoing R56 models.

“The new MINI receives the latest technology and features for a much higher level of refinement,” said MINI Australia GM, Kai Bruesewitz. “At the same time, we’ve retained the engaging ‘go-kart’ driving style this iconic vehicle is known for.

“But the best news for Australian MINI fans is that we have been able to reduce the pricing of the all-new MINI, making it more accessible than ever before.”

At launch there will be three models on offer:

  • MINI Cooper – $26,650
    (1.5 litre 3-cyl petrol engine, 100kW/220Nm, 4.7l/100km, 0–100km 7.9s)
  • MINI Cooper D – $31,800
    (1.5 litre 3-cyl diesel engine, 85kW/270Nm, 3.7l/100km, 0–100km 9.2s)
  • MINI Cooper S – $36,950
    (2.0 litre 4-cyl petrol engine, 141kW/280Nm, 5.9l/100km, 0–1006.8s)

Lined up against old pricing, the Cooper D has dropped $3000, the Cooper S $3750 and the Cooper has had $5000 slashed from its list price.

Further details are available below, including a brief overview of included equipment. Full specs will be available closer to launch.

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2014 Geneva Motor Show in pictures – part 2

2014 Geneva Motor Show

Here’s your second batch of photos from the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, that makes it 155 photos in all. We start part 2 with the very cool Maserati Alfieri concept and end with the very cool Volvo Concept Estate. Cool!


Five-door MINI Cooper S spied

F55 MINI Cooper S

This F55 five-door MINI Cooper S prototype was spotted in Germany recently and gives us the first look at the size of the rear doors. While the F55 will have a slightly lengthened body compared with the F56 the rear doors do seem quite small.

The angle of the photo above may not be the best representation for the rear opening and you can follow the source link below for more pics.

We’re expecting the F55 to be launched later this year, perhaps at the Paris Motor Show in September.

[Source: Gmotors]


The F56 MINI in detail

MINI Cooper S (F56)

The new MINI was revealed in November last year, but it’s just been give its full media launch. Which means you’ve got another chance to pore over details of the all-new F56 range.

As is the norm these days the new MINI has grown and it’s now a little bit longer (98mm), a little bit wider (44mm) and a little bit taller (7mm) than the model it replaces. MINI will be hoping it’s a little bit better as well.

It will be interesting to sample the lower-spec models which use 1.5 litre three cylinder engines. The Cooper S employs the biggest engine in a MINI yet, a 2.0 litre turbo four cylinder. Turbocharging features across the MINI range now in the chase for low down torque and fuel efficiency.

New pics and press material are all yours after the break.

MINI Video

VIDEO: How to build an F56 MINI

MINI F56 production line

This video will tell you how much of a car nerd you are. It shows some of the processes involved in building a new F56 MINI. The clip runs for 12 minutes and if you really are a car geek you’ll watch it non-stop and enjoy every moment of it, quietly saying to yourself from time to time, “That’s pretty cool.”


MINI Cooper S: F56 v R56

F56 MINI Cooper SMINI Cooper S

With the new MINI arriving, it’s timely to compare the new F56 Cooper S alongside the outgoing R56 model. Let’s start with the numbers:

2014 F562010 R56 LCI
Engine1998cc 4cyl turbo, 16 valves1598cc 4cyl turbo, 16 valves
Power141kW @ 4700–6000rpm135kW @ 5500rpm
Torque280Nm @ 1250–4750rpm (300Nm overboost)260Nm @ 1600–5000rpm (280Nm overboost)
Length / Width / Height3850 / 1727 / 1414 (mm)3729 / 1683 / 1407 (mm)
Wheelbase2495 (mm)2467 (mm)
Track (front/rear)1485 / 1485 (mm)1453 / 1461 (mm)
Unladen weight (auto)1160kg (1175kg)1140kg (1165kg)
Fuel tank44 litres50 litres
Drag co-efficient0.31Cd0.36Cd
0–100km/h (auto)6.8s (6.7s)7.0s (7.2s)
Max speed (auto)235km/h (233km/h)228km/h (223km/h)
Combined fuel consumption (auto)5.7–5.8l/100km (5.2–5.4l/100km)6.3l/100km (6.7l/100km)
CO2 emissions (auto)133–136g/km (122–125g/km)146g/km (155g/km)

As you can see the new car is a bit bigger, a bit heavier and a bit faster. A 6 litre drop in fuel tank capacity may not please some buyers, but at least consumption has improved. And can anyone come up with a theory as to why the filler cap has switched sides?


New MINI launched at Plant Oxford

MINI F56 launch at Plant Oxford

The new MINI was launched overnight at Plant Oxford where production has already commenced. BMW Group is boasting about its £750 million investment across its UK production facilities. Naturally, UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, who was given a preview tour last month, didn’t miss the chance to wax lyrical.

“This £750 million investment is great news for both the local and wider economy, along with the 5,500 workers whose jobs are safeguarded by this launch,” said Mr Cameron. “Car manufacturing is a vital engine for growth. Production is back up to pre-recession levels and a car rolls off the line every 20 seconds in the UK.”

Plant Oxford currently builds the MINI Hatch, Convertible, Clubman, Clubvan, Roadster and Coupé. In 2012 a total of 207,789 new vehicles rolled off the line.

When BMW began building the new MINI at Plant Oxford in 2001 it had a staff of 2,400 and built 300 cars per day during a single shift. Today the employment numbers have grown to 4,000 and 900 cars are completed each day across two shifts. In all MINI has built 2.4 million cars since BMW took over production.


Third-generation MINI revealed

F56 MINI Cooper S

After a very long gestation period MINI has finally revealed its third-generation Cooper and Cooper S models. Also along for the ride is a new Cooper D. The F56 is built on BMW’s UKL1 platform and this is the first model designed and built from the ground up by BMW.

There is a lot of information to take in and let’s first look at the key stats offered in the F56. All three models are turbocharged, but that’s where the similarity ends:

Cooper S
Engine: Four-cylinder 2.0 litre MINI TwinPower Turbo Technology (turbo charging, direct injection, fully variable valve control, variable camshaft control)
Power: 141kW @ 4700–6000rpm
Torque: 280Nm @ 1250–4750rpm; 300Nm with overboost
0–100: 6.8s manual; (6.7s automatic)
Fuel consumption: 5.7–5.8l/100km; (5.2–5.4l/100km)
CO2 emissions: 133–136g/km; (122–125g/km)
Weight (unladen): 1160kg; (1175kg)

Engine: Three-cylinder 1.5 litre MINI TwinPower Turbo Technology (turbo charging, direct injection, fully variable valve control, variable camshaft control)
Power: 100kW @ 4500–6000rpm
Torque: 220Nm @ 1250–4000rpm; 230Nm with overboost
0–100: 7.9s manual; (7.8s automatic)
Fuel consumption: 4.5–4.6l/100km; (4.7–4.8l/100km)
CO2 emissions: 105–107g/km; (109–112g/km)
Weight (unladen): 1085kg; (1115kg)

Cooper D
Engine: Three-cylinder 1.5 litre MINI TwinPower Turbo Technology (turbocharger with variable turbine geometry, common rail direct injection)
Power: 85kW @ 4000rpm
Torque: 270Nm @ 1750rpm
0–100: 9.2s manual; (9.2s automatic)
Weight (unladen): 1160kg; (1175kg)
Fuel consumption: 3.5–3.6l/100km; (3.7–3.8l/100km)
CO2 emissions: 92–95g/km; (98–99g/km)
Weight (unladen): 1135kg; (1150kg)

As you would expect the new model brings with it a host of new technology and driver assistance packages. For the first time in a MINI there will be a head-up display, LED daytime running lights, a selection of switchable Driving Modes (Mid, Sport and Green), dynamic damper control and more.

The look of the new MINI is very much derivative from the R50/R53 and R56 predecessors. Although, the front-end of the F56 is the least visually pleasing we’ve seen to date. From side on and the rear the new MINI, to our eyes at least, looks quite good. It will be best to judge for certain when we see the car on Australian shores, which is expected to be early-ish next year.

A small selection of photos awaits after the break and we’ll be back to add more photos throughout the day. These are complemented by press material from MINI, including a full press kit PDF available for download.

UPDATE: New pics added showing the Cooper and Cooper S. When comparing the front-end of the Cooper to the Cooper S, the lower-spec model works best where the functional brake ducts from the higher-spec model are missing. It’s also interesting to note the designers have managed to fit an iDrive style controller in the centre console.


MINI F56 leaked ahead of official reveal

F56 MINI Cooper S

Officially, MINI will be releasing photos and information for its all-new F56 model. Unofficially, the Bangkok Post has jumped the gun and won itself a heap of clicks!

Until MINI pulls the trigger, here’s some stuff they’ve already released which you can read over to pass the time:


VIDEO: F56 MINI Cooper S teaser

F56 MINI Cooper S

With less than a week to go until its full reveal, MINI has released an official teaser video for its forthcoming F56 model. And it goes a little something like this:

This is the self-preservation society
Jump in the jam jar gotta get straight
Hurry up mate don’t wanna be late
How’s your father?
Tickety boo
Tickety boo
Gotta get a bloomin move on