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Video highlights from Ferrari’s F150 launch

Ferrari has published plenty of video highlights from the launch of its 2011 Formula One car, the F150, to its media portal and we’ve been adding them to the AUSmotive YouTube channel. To begin with you can see Team Principal, Stefano Domenicali, explain the thinking behind the F150 name, before expanding further on the team’s plans for the upcoming season.

Also interviewed are Chief Designer, Nikolas Tombazis; Technical Director, Aldo Costa and Engine and Electronics Director, Luca Marmorini. You can see those clips after the break.

There will be further video added to this post later in the day, so make sure you check back.

In the meantime, why not read this excellent analysis the F150 from well known F1 writer Craig Scarborough.

UPDATE: Three further clips have been added. The first is a general highlights clip from the launch. This is followed by a couple of clips featuring Luca de Montezemolo, then drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa.

Ferrari Formula 1

Ferrari unveils 2011 F1 car

Ferrari F150

Ferrari has taken the lead in the 2011 Formula One season already by being the first team to launch its new car. Ferrari have labelled this one the F150; no, it’s not an old Ford pickup, but a 21st century racing machine.

Out go the blown diffuser and “F-duct” rear wings and back comes KERS along with the addition of adjustable rear wings. A ban on engine development means the 2.4 litre V8 fitted to this car is the same unit used in last year’s F10.

More photos and press material from Ferrari, including a video walk around of the F150, can be seen after the break. Remember, too, 2000px wallpaper-friendly images can be accesed by clicking on any of the pics.

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2010 Korean Grand Prix in pictures

2010 Korean Grand Prix

“Our Mark” binned it! Can you believe it. It was a race that promised so much; an opportunity for Webber to really intensify the pressure on his rivals. Instead, on a dramatic and soaking wet afternoon in Yeongam, Mark put it into the wall and he walked away empty handed. Pressure does strange things and amplifies the tiniest of indiscretions. It was a mistake that needn’t have happened. Webber cracked on Sunday.

Worse, it looked like his fiercest rival, Sebastien Vettel, was going to rub his nose in it with a comfortable victory. A win that would have put the young German 11 points ahead of Webber and the shift in power across the garage would likely have been irreversible. For Mark, at least, fate dealt a helping hand when a dominant Vettel was robbed of certain victory after his Renault engine disintegrated with no apparent warning.

Only too happy to watch the imploding Red Bulls ahead of him Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso was there to pick up the pieces. He drove solidly and mostly kept himself out of trouble, despite the woeful light conditions towards the end of the race. Amazingly, he now finds himself 11 points ahead of Webber in the drivers’ title race. A few weeks back he was the fifth man in the chasing pack.

With just two more races to go, can Fernando hold off the inevitable challenge from those closest behind? Brazil is next and Webber is the defending race winner. How he would love an encore performance in two weeks time.

For now, though, catch up on all the drama from last weekend with 80 pics from the inaugural Korean Grand Prix.

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2010 Italian Grand Prix in pictures

2010 Italian Grand Prix

Fast Fernando fled the field at Monza to send the tifosi into raptures. Button teased them for a moment with a banzai move on the first lap. Massa fumbled about with an over excited Hamilton, before taking no further part in any racing action on his way to the last podium step. Vettel cried about his engine dying before finding the on switch and coming home in fourth. This, mind you, after completing almost the entire race of the soft tyres.

Britney outperformed that Michael bloke, yet again. Aussie Mark fluffed the start, yet again, but scored enough points to find himself at the very pointy end of the drivers’ title race. So pointy, in fact, he is out in front. Mind, his arch rival in fifth place, is within striking distance. So this is one title race that will go down to the wire.

Pedro de la Rosa won’t be winning any races. Rumours suggest Monza is likely to be his last F1 outing after being shown the door in favour of Quick Nick (Heidfeld) who is back for a third try at success with Sauber.

There’s sixty plus pics for you all after the break, which should keep you happy until the sun goes down in Singapore in a couple of weeks time.

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2010 Italian GP – post-race press conference

2010 Italian Grand Prix

The Italian Grand Prix finished as it started, at least as far as the podium is concerned. Fernando won the race after starting from pole position. He didn’t have things go all his own way, though, with Jenson Button, starting from P2, getting the jump on Alonso and snatching the lead on the first lap. Pitting after Button, Alonso made the most of his free air to claw back enough time to take the outright lead after the pitstops. Felipe Massa, in third, seemed to have a trouble free race.

The full transcript from the official post-race press conference featuring the podium winners is available after the break. Stay tuned for the usual photo gallery to follow in the next 24 hours or so.

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2010 German Grand Prix in pictures

2010 German GP

Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso won the 2010 German Grand Prix. Good for him, it was a hard fought victory and if only that lowly team assistant in the bottom left of corner didn’t ruin the photo opportunity above as the Spaniard held the winning trophy aloft. Who is that guy anyway? Has anyone ever seen him before?

Actually, come to think of it, he could be the little bugger who stole Ferrari’s $100,000 social club kitty. Poor Fernando had no money for champagne to celebrate his win because of that guy. A professional outfit like Ferrari really should keep such team matters in check. There’s no “I” in team, after all.

You can see a few pics from Hockenheim after the jump. I must apologise; a number of the images provided have a Ferrari sweep car in the way, spoiling the view of Alonso’s car. No matter, though, the sweep car found its place before the chequered flag. Phew!

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2010 Bahrain GP in pictures

2010 Bahrain GP

Ugh, I’ve finally woken up after the Bahrain Grand Prix. For an off-season that managed to keep Formula One fans on the edge of their seats, the season opener was a rather dull affair. That cannot be questioned, as evidenced by the chorus of criticism, from team principals, drivers and fans across the globe.

I’ve been told that Fernando Alonso won the race in his debut outing with Ferrari. Teammate Felipe Massa reminded us there’s more than one driver returning to F1 this year by claiming second. And 2008 champ Lewis Hamilton grabbed the last podium. A podium all three men owed to a wilting RB6 under Sebastien Vettel’s otherwise expert command (or perhaps his car was just running out of petrol)

We’ve heard from the likes of Mark Webber that the dullness in Bahrain was due to the new rule changes in force for 2010. With a full season, and off-season, of development behind them it would seem the double diffusers are even more effective in 2010 and the dirty air they create behind each car makes it impossible for the car behind to overtake. Or so we are being told.

We’re also being told the track layout at Bahrain is to blame and that other more passing friendly circuits will liven things up. Mind, it’s a bit dismal that a track with 23 corners cannot illicit any overtaking opportunities.

The refuelling ban and tyres that have reasonable life in them seems to ensure single pit stop strategies for the entire field. There’s been talk of introducing two mandatory stops in a bid to bring some life into F1 v2010. Not sure about you, but if the best idea to increase on track action is to increase the number of pit stops, well, Formula One is in more trouble than it cares to admit.

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Formula One pre-season – Valencia photo gallery

F1 testing @ Valencia

There’s only a couple of days until Formula One pre-season testing resumes at Jerez (10-13 February). To help get you in the mood here is a 50-strong gallery of images featuring pics from Ferrari, MercedesGP, Renault and Williams. As usual you can click on your favourite images to load 2000px wallpaper-friendly sizing.

At the completion of the Valencia testing Ferrari was showing the rest of the field a clean pair of heels, with Fernando Alonso posting the quickest time (1:11.470), just three tenths ahead of teammate Felipe Massa (1:11.722).

Alonso, in front of over 35,000 parochial Spanish fans, was pleased with his time behind the wheel of the new F10, “The car went well and it was fast; it had a good set up, too, which is positive.”

He continued, “It’s absolutely impossible to say where we stand compared to the others. To be competitive you need a reliable car and we’re on the right track. The technicians have lots of data now to prepare us the best possible way for the next tests.”

Ferrari Formula 1

Ferrari unveils 2010 F1 car

Ferrari F10 - 2010 F1 car

Ferrari have just released these images of their 2010 Formula One car, codenamed F10. They are the first team to show their 2010 racecar to the public, with a raft of reveals to follow ahead of next week’s testing at Valencia.

There’s no surprise in the livery and prominence of Santander sponsorship, that was pretty much confirmed last week. Rumours of Ferrari taking design cues from the 2009 Red Bull RB5 have proved correct, too, with this new Ferrari. Especially on the nose cone. Generally speaking, the 2010 car is a lot more rounded than last year’s F60.

Team principal Stefano Domenicali spoke at the launch, and here’s a bit of what he had to say, “This championship will be very important for us. We have two new drivers; Fernando Alonso, is a twice world champion.

“Felipe, we are talking of a new version of Felipe, but after such a dramatic championship like last year with the accident in Hungary and such a fantastic season, Felipe has all the assets to prove that he is a very successful one, he can prove that he wants to restart his pathway that destiny interrupted it in Hungary. Good luck to both of them.”

Ferrari were planning for Felipe Massa to give the F10 a brief shakedown at the company’s Fiorano circuit today, but that has been called off due to poor weather.

UPDATE: Video from today’s launch is now available below (thanks to Axis of Oversteer).

UPDATE 29 January: New images added, along with statements from Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa and Luca di Montezemolo.