Volkswagen Concept BlueSport picture gallery

Volkswagen Concept BlueSport

The Volkswagen Concept BlueSport made its world debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit last night. It’s a stunning looking car, but perhaps the most notable feature for a car in this segment is it’s mid-mounted efficient diesel engine.

The BlueSport roadster, fitted with six-speed DSG transmission, has a 2.0 TDI with 132kW powering the rear wheels. Being a turbo diesel, there is plenty of torque, too, all 350Nm of it. The BlueSport weighs a relatively light 1200kg and is capable reaching 100km/h in a GTI-beating 6.6 seconds, along to a top speed of 226km/h. When driven more sedately Volkswagen claims fuel consumption as low as 4.3l/100km. Its CO2 emissions are 113g/km.

“The BlueSport proves to be a compact and passionate car with a clear Volkswagen signature. The car offers pure dynamics with a powerful 180 PS Clean Diesel engine that is combined with the characteristic Volkswagen philosophy of efficiency,” confirmed Volkswagen’s Chairman of the Board, Prof. Martin Winterkorn in Detroit.

The BlueSport features an Eco mode which uses stop-start technology and an energy regeneration mode to help lower fuel consumption. Although, Volkswagen are claiming a relatively small benefit of just 0.2l/100km in normal city driving.

Some of the technology in this car may new for Volkswagen, but there doesn’t appear to be anything earth shattering under the roadster’s gorgeous metalwork. Although, a mid-engined diesel sports car is kind of cool and very now.

Update: Wallpaper sized images of the Volkswagen Concept BlueSport (click an image to load 2000px super image), along with video footage and the official press release are now available below.

Update 15 January: German Car Blog suggests the BlueSport won’t hit the roads until 2012 (that’s if it goes into production). I’ve also added a small clip below from Car and Driver’s YouTube channel.


Audi TTS adds brawn to beauty

Audi TTS Roadster
Audi TTS Roadster

Australian pricing and equipment for the new Audi TTS has just been confirmed. Powered by a 200kW/350Nm 2.0 TFSI engine, pricing for the 6 speed manual TTS Coupe (pictured top) starts at $92,000 and $97,100 for the TTS Roadster. Add another $3600 to those prices for the double clutch S tronic option. The TTS also gets a revised body kit and the front end treatment, especially, has been executed to near perfection. It looks fantastic—simultaneously agressive and understated. Classic Audi.

The beefed up engine takes an S tronic equipped 1395kg TTS Coupe from 0-100km/h in 5.2 seconds, while a similarly specced Roadster at 1455kgs takes 5.4 seconds. Audi’s all wheel drive quattro system and advanced magnetic ride suspension should ensure the TTS harnesses that power for good.

Audi Australia’s managing director, Joerg Hofmann, is pleased with the addition of an S model to the TT range, “As with all Audi S models, the new TTS will be the sporty top model in its family. It not only looks more aggressive and dynamic, its performance is second-to-none and continues the success story of the brand which focuses on reducing consumption whilst maintaining performance,” Mr Hofmann said.

“The new Audi TT is not only bigger and bolder, it is also lighter and more efficient – the Audi TT is a sportscar you can drive without regret.”