New Lancia Stratos filmed during track development

New Lancia Stratos

Michael Stoschek is a lucky man. Not only does he have the cash to convince Pininfarina to design and develop a new 21st century Lancia Stratos, he has also had some time behind the wheel, as this video shows. The footage was filmed at Balocco, Italy and it is understood a Porsche 911 GT3 was on hand used as benchmark testing.

It’s still unclear if Stoschek will be keeping all the fun for himself, or if he will commission a run of 25 cars to share with the world. Perhaps the video you can see after the break gives us a clue on that front. However, the only language spoken during the footage is German. So, if you are able to translate any of the words, especially the ones that aren’t new, Stratos, Ferrari, Pininfarina and Turin please do so.

Oh, do they explain how they have managed to make that F430 engine sound like a truck?

[Source: World Car Fans]