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Chris and Mark have a chat in Geneva

This week’s video update from Chris Harris was filmed at the Geneva Motor Show. You know the drill, he walks around points a few things he likes and a few things he doesn’t. Along the way he caught up with a couple of Porsche Nine Ninenteen drivers, including our very own Mark Webber.

Geneva 2014: Audi TT quattro sport concept

Audi clearly wasn’t content with unveiling the new production-spec TT in Geneva, so they brought along this 420hp (309kW) TT quattro sport concept as well. You might think that this is a preview of what to expect in the next TT RS. Maybe it is. Audi isn’t really giving any concrete rationale for the model […]

Geneva 2014: Seat Leon Cupra 280

Seat has launched its Leon Cupra 280 at the Geneva Motor Show and in doing so has officially confirmed its claim on the unofficial front-wheel drive lap record at the Nürburgring. Of the record setting lap Seat says the Leon Cupra 280 was fitted with an optional Performance Pack, which includes uprated Brembo brakes and […]

Geneva 2014: McLaren 650S & 650S Spider

We already knew McLaren would unveil its new 650S Coupé at the Geneva Motor Show, and we knew there would be a 650S at some stage too. We didn’t know both would be taking centre stage under the bright lights in Geneva. The 650S, then, is a cross between a 12C and a P1, in […]

Geneva 2014: Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

When I was a young lad my mum had a white Alfa Spider. One of the first car memories I have is sitting on her lap holding the steering wheel as we drove along, turning on the indicators and just having a fun time. So for more reasons than this new 4C Spider “design preview” […]

Geneva 2014: Porsche 919 Hybrid & 911 RSR

Porsche has now released preliminary details for the 919 Hybrid, following the earlier leak. Not much else to add except to invite you to check out the images and information after the break. Pics are also included for the 2014-spec 911 RSR which will fight for Porsche in the GTE Pro class during the FIA […]

Geneva 2014: Honda Civic Type-R Concept

Honda has given us the first look at the all-new Civic Type R with this concept model now on show in Geneva. Yeah, it’s easy to laugh at the massive rear wing and 20″ alloys and dismiss this as another rice rocket, but this, this Type R is going to be good. At least it […]

Geneva 2014: Volkswagen T-ROC concept

Volkswagen has revealed this T-ROC SUV concept at its pre-launch event ahead of the Geneva Motor Show. We’re told it’s a design study for a new model to sit beneath the Tiguan, while also providing a glimpse of what to expect from all future SUVs adorned with a Volkswagen badge. Not that it matters too […]

Geneva 2014: Audi TT

This is the new Audi TT. The third-generation of Audi’s landmark coupé is ready to take centre stage at the Geneva Motor Show. Shown above in TTS trim with Tango Red paint you see many familiar cues from the original TT launched in 1998. Overall the look is pure TT. Although, perhaps the grille may […]

Detroit 2014: Toyota FT-1 concept

This very funky looking creation is a Toyota. A Toyota! You’ll find no signs of beige or Camry in this, the FT-1 concept car. It’s so much of a concept car that it’s little more than a three-dimensional model and the only way you can experience it for yourself is in the two-dimensional world of […]

Detroit 2014: Subaru WRX STi

Following last week’s early preview here’s the official info on the all-new Subaru WRX STi. We now know it will be powered by a 2.5 litre boxer engine with peak power of 227kW at 6000rpm, while the maximum torque of 392Nm is achieved at 4000rpm. There’s no performance figures given as yet—not even 0–100km/h times—but […]

Detroit 2014: Chevrolet Corvette C7.R

Those good ol’ boys at Chevrolet didn’t just stop with the road going version of the Corvette Z06. No siree, they kept the pedal to the metal and developed this all-new C7.R racecar. And when Corvette goes racing you better stop and take notice because they do it bloody well. Since 1999 they’ve dominated the […]

Detroit 2014: Chevrolet Corvette Z06

This is the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 and with “at least 625 horsepower (466kW)” from its 6.2 litre supercharged V8 it’s sure to be as fast as it looks. Known as the LT4, the new 6.2 litre engine has plenty of torque to go with all that power too. 860Nm+ of it! This thing will […]