Honda NSX Concept coming to Australia

One of the first tangible signs for car buyers of Honda’s return to Formula 1 will take place at the Australian Grand Prix (15–18 March) when you will be able to get up close to the NSX Concept. The NSX Concept will be on display at Albert Park and will also help mark the comeback […]

Detroit 2015: Honda NSX

Honda, or more accurately Acura, has taken the covers off the production-ready NSX. It’s sharp, refined and looks pretty good, we think. While we have new pictures giving us a good look at the latest “new sports experience” from the boffins at Honda we can’t bring you a lot of technical detail. Power from the […]

The all-new 2015 NSX is coming soon

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Has it been three years already! We first saw the Acura/Honda NSX concept back in 2012 (and a revised version in 2013). With great fanfare we were promised the production model would arrive in 2015. Well, guess what, it’s almost 2015 and that means the production-ready NSX is almost here. With the four new teaser […]

New Honda NSX needs improved cooling

The motoring world fell in love with the Honda NSX concept when it first debuted in early 2012. Mostly because it looks so damn good, but also because we know how much respect Honda has for the NSX badge. They won’t cock this up. We also knew there would be a long development process, which […]

Your chance to buy “Ex-Ayrton Senna” Honda NSX

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That’s not any old Honda NSX, that’s Ayrton Senna’s old NSX. Well, that’s the story at least. If you’re keen you can buy it for yourself too. The 1992 model will be up for grabs late next month at the Silverstone Auctions and is expected to fetch as much as £85,000 (approx AU$160,000). Actually, on […]

Detroit 2013: Honda NSX Concept

Honda, or more accurately, Acura has turned up to Detroit with a new NSX Concept. Just like they did last year. Only this time they’ve tweaked the styling a little, making it more production-based and opened the doors to give us a look inside. Again, we expect the interior to be pretty close to final […]

Super Bowl XLVI ad: The Seinfeld Chronicles

Next up on the Super Bowl XLVI ad reel is Jerry Seinfeld and his crusade to become the very first owner of the new Acura/Honda NSX. The NSX concept was the star of the recent Detroit Motor Show and it’s a shame Jerry, and others, will have to wait until around 2015 to get their […]

2012 Detroit Motor Show photo gallery

Here we have a selection of images from the floor of the Detroit Motor Show, or more correctly, the North American International Auto Show. Unlike Tokyo late last year there’s a noticeable lack of weird and wonderful concept creations, but we certainly applaud the appearance of the Honda NSX Concept. It’s easily the clear star […]

VIDEO: Honda NSX Concept’s SH-AWD in action

This video released by Honda shows its new NSX Concept in simulated driving scenes from the Sony Playstation game Gran Turismo. Extra graphics also illustrate how the NSX Concept’s very clever Sport Hybrid SH-AWD system works. In addition to the mid-mounted 3.5 litre VTEC V6 petrol engine there’s three electric motors in all; one at […]

VIDEO: Honda NSX Concept

Already there’s a number of videos on YouTube featuring the stunning new Honda NSX Concept. Here’s three of the best we’ve found so far.

Detroit 2012: Honda NSX Concept

“Like the first NSX, we will again express high performance through engineering efficiency.” Speaking at the Detroit motor show, Takanobu Ito, President and CEO of Honda Motor Co, ushered in a new era for the iconic NSX nameplate. Wearing Acura badging for the North American audience the concept on display looks quite handy. We’re sure […]