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Past master: Porsche Carrera GT

The Porsche Carrera GT is easily one of AUSmotive’s top five dream cars. After stumbling across a brief test from Autocar, which was filed to YouTube only a couple of weeks ago, it inspired us to put together this Past master article. Built in Leipzig from 2004–2007 the total production run of the Carrera GT […]

Behind the wheel of the Audi Quattro

Time for a look at an old rally legend now, with the Audi Quatrro. It’s a car we’ve featured in our Past Master series and we’re always keen to see new material. This review from the Fifth Gear web team gives a reasonable insight into the car’s history and modern day context. Shame about the […]

25 years of the BMW M3 in pictures

Last week BMW brought us news about the iconic M3 celebrating 25 years. There’s been just four generations of M3s in that time; if you compare the original E30 to the current E92 you begin to appreciate how long 25 years is in the life cycle of the modern car. At launch the E30 hit […]

Past master: BMW 700 – Der wagen mit profil

A couple of weeks ago I came across the rather quaint advertisement above for the BMW 700. What started as an idea to post up a simple ad with a paragraph or two has taken me on a journey of discovery for the BMW 700. I have found some great historic photo and video material, […]

Past master: Audi ‘Ur-Quattro’

Few cars have captured the public imagination or established a niche for a manufacturer as well as the original Quattro did for Audi. Indeed, now, the term quattro (with lower case ‘q’) is applied to any Audi with an all-wheel drive system. This, though, is the car that started it all for the Ingolstadt outfit. […]

Past master: BMW M1

If the M1 Homage has whet your appetite to learn more about the BMW M1, then I trust you will enjoy this clip from The three minute clip gives a brief history of the car and you will also see iconic racer Hans-Joachim Stuck give his thoughts on the M1 Procar series. Related reading […]

Past master: Audi RS2

The RS2 was Audi’s first ‘RS’ quattro model. A collaborative work between Audi and Porsche in the mid 90s, the RS2 was not only the world’s fastest production wagon, it was also one of the fastest cars money could buy. On sale for just three years (1994–96) the RS2 was based on the S2 and […]

Past master: BMW E30 M3

The BMW E30 M3—the most successful touring car ever. The festive season is a time to reflect and enjoy the company of loved ones. So what better time, then, to reflect on one of BMW’s finest motoring achievements. There wouldn’t be too many motoring enthusiasts that don’t go weak at the knees when they see […]