2016 MINI Clubman revealed

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Here’s the new F54 MINI Clubman in all of its full mega pixel glory. It will launch in Australia late this year. We finally see the end of that poxy single-sided rear door that afflicted the first Clubman made under BMW’s stewardship of the MINI brand. The cost of that change has been to make […]

2016 MINI Clubman leaked photos

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The new MINI Clubman is due for its official launch in the next 24 hours but a French MINI dealer has pulled le trigger a little early and the result is this selection of leaked photographs. As is MINI’s style there’s not a lot of change externally from what we saw in the 2014 concept […]

VIDEO: MINI Clubman Concept

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Here’s a couple of videos from BMW showcasing the MINI Clubman Concept. They may not the most exciting clips you’ve ever seen, but if you take the time to appreciate them we’re pretty sure you’ll agree the details and overall look of the Clubman Concept are pretty cool. This is MINI in fine form and […]

MINI Clubman Concept revealed

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MINI has released details for this new Clubman Concept prior to its launch at the Geneva Motor Show. Larger than the first-gen model and with four-proper doors, at last, the Clubman starts to make some real sense. How the F54 Clubman will sit alongside the Countryman we’re not too sure—will it be too similar in […]

Next-generation MINI product schedule

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The all-new F56 MINI will debut in less than two weeks. We already know the F56, built on BMW’s UKL1 platform, could spawn as many as 10 different product lines. Thanks to MotoringFile here’s a look at what we can expect from MINI’s new era and when we’re likely to see it: F56 MINI (third-generation […]