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Mini Clubman Estate

It’s safe to say the release of the new MINI Clubman didn’t exactly capture the attention of the readers. “What a hideous turd,” was the first comment left here on AUSmotive and elsewhere the feedback given freely to MINI wasn’t exactly flattering.

It may surprise a few of you to learn that with the release of images for the 21st century Clubman BMW also handed out these images of a Classic Mini Clubman Estate.

And seeing as we reckon most of you will share our view that this one seriously cool little car we figured we’d share these nine photos with you all.

The Clubman Estate replaced the earlier Traveller and Countryman models and was built from 1969–82 during the British Leyland era of Mini stewardship.

BMW says a total of 197,606 Clubman Estates were built and we thank them for sharing these fantastic pics with us, which you can access in our 2560x1690px mega image sizing by clicking on the pics you like.


2016 MINI Clubman revealed

2016 MINI Clubman

Here’s the new F54 MINI Clubman in all of its full mega pixel glory. It will launch in Australia late this year.

We finally see the end of that poxy single-sided rear door that afflicted the first Clubman made under BMW’s stewardship of the MINI brand. The cost of that change has been to make the new Clubman a lot bigger and to give it four proper doors. The barn-style rear doors, which hark back to the days of the Classic Mini, have been kept.

Built on BMW’s versatile UKL1 platform, all of the new Clubman’s key dimensions have increased. Compared with the impossible to love MINI 5 door, the new Clubman is 270mm longer and 90mm wider. Its wheelbase has also been extended by 100mm.

The usual BMW/MINI engine range will be found under the bonnet in Cooper, Cooper S and Cooper D designations. And for the first time in a MINI, the Cooper S and Cooper D Clubman will be available with an optional 8-speed auto.

Pics and press guff await after the break.


2016 MINI Clubman leaked photos

F54 MINI Clubman leaked images

The new MINI Clubman is due for its official launch in the next 24 hours but a French MINI dealer has pulled le trigger a little early and the result is this selection of leaked photographs.

As is MINI’s style there’s not a lot of change externally from what we saw in the 2014 concept model. And to our eyes, that’s no bad thing.

Some people will struggle with the new Clubman, we understand that. It’s not really a MINI as we used to know the brand. In fact, this car is pretty damn big, for a MINI. But if it’s not clear to you now that BMW is willing to go to extraordinary lengths to milk every last drop out of its MINI brand it never will be.

If nothing else the barn-style rear doors are pretty cool!

[Source: MotoringFile]

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2014 Geneva Motor Show in pictures – part 2

2014 Geneva Motor Show

Here’s your second batch of photos from the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, that makes it 155 photos in all. We start part 2 with the very cool Maserati Alfieri concept and end with the very cool Volvo Concept Estate. Cool!

MINI Video

VIDEO: MINI Clubman Concept

Here’s a couple of videos from BMW showcasing the MINI Clubman Concept. They may not the most exciting clips you’ve ever seen, but if you take the time to appreciate them we’re pretty sure you’ll agree the details and overall look of the Clubman Concept are pretty cool. This is MINI in fine form and we only wish we were in Geneva to see the concept with our own eyes.


MINI Clubman Concept revealed

MINI Clubman Concept

MINI has released details for this new Clubman Concept prior to its launch at the Geneva Motor Show. Larger than the first-gen model and with four-proper doors, at last, the Clubman starts to make some real sense.

How the F54 Clubman will sit alongside the Countryman we’re not too sure—will it be too similar in size and role? The dimensions from the original Clubman have grown by 260mm in length and around 170mm in width; this will be one big MINI.

The Clubman Concept keeps the barn-style rear doors and while that’s quite cool it clearly presented the designers with an awkward moment when trying to work out where to put the MINI badge. The answer they’ve reached to this point is very cumbersome.

The outside of the concept looks as though it should make it down the production line without too many changes. Inside, though, it’s a bit pie in the sky, albeit quite nice to look at. Expect the finished model to resemble the F56 interior a bit more closely.

It’s worth noting the air curtains, first seen on the BMW 1M, have made an appearance on the Clubman Concept. Their task is to improve air flow around the front wheels and is another example of the increasing closeness between MINI and BMW.

We like this concept and will watch its development with interest.


MINI refreshes local lineup

2011 MINI range

The faclefited MINI range is now on sale in Australia. It’s a pretty standard refresh with minor cosmetic changes, including front brake ducts, LED rear tail lights. MINI has also thrown a bit more fruit into the standard equipment, such as Bluetooth phone capability across the range. Mechanically, things are pretty much the same as before.

Full details, including pricing, can be found in the MINI Australia press release after the break.


MINI release details of latest model refresh

MINI Cooper S

MINI have just given their model range a bit of a spruce up. Part mid-cycle model refresh and part counter-attack to the Audi A1 and its ilk, the new MINIs probably don’t look terribly different to most punters. Lucky, then, that MINI gave us some really big pictures of the bits that have changed.

Notably the front and rear bumper assemblies have been tarted up. So too the lighting visuals, with de rigueur LED rear tail lights now available. Those chrome trimmed scoops on the lower front grille actually feed air to the brakes to aid cooling. That’s a nice touch.

For the more frugal minded folk out there in MINI land you’ll be pleased to know there’s some new diesel engines on the way too.

The market launch of the model updates is not scheduled until mid-September so we can deduce that a) this early release of information shows MINI is keen to remind buyers not to forget them while they’re busy checking our Audi, Alfa Romeo and Fiat dealerships and b) that we may not be seeing these changes in Australia until early 2011.

Full details in the form of MINI’s press release can be read after the jump. Also included is a brief video and a Cooper S image gallery.


MINI pedals zero emissions vehicle around Beijing

MINI Clubman Rickshaw

MINI has just launched a limited release zero emissions Clubman Rickshaw model on the streets of Beijing. At a time when the 2008 Olympic Games in China are under the spotlight due to the host city’s pollution this pedal powered MINI is just what the doctor ordered. The mobile Clubman is able to power through Beijing’s contested city streets like few other vehicles can.

Indeed the PR blurb states, “the MINI Rickshaw perfectly captures Beijing’s dynamic combination of tradition and progress, coupled with a touch of fantasy and individuality—as only MINI can do. The real Chinese lucky charms and talismen on the bicycle and in the inside of the vehicle are intended not only to bring the passenger luck, but also, of course, to release positive energy for the entire Olympic Games.”

If you’re on your way to the Chinese capital you’ll find the MINI Clubman Rickshaw in trendy club and scene districts such as the old Beijing quarter of Hu Tong.


MINI John Cooper Works Australian pricing confirmed soon

MINI John Cooper WorksIt is expected that Australian pricing for MINI’s new factory built John Cooper Works models will be confirmed within the next fortnight. The John Cooper Works range will be available in both coupé and Clubman models and will offer a new high-performance version of the 1.6-litre Twin Scroll turbo engine, producing 155kW, the highest output ever offered in the new generation MINI range. Internet rumours suggest the Coupé’s list price, less on road costs and any options, will be under $49,000 while the Clubman will come in under $52,000.

The MINI John Cooper Works Hardtop model will reach 100 km/h in just 6.5 seconds, while the MINI John Cooper Works Clubman covers the same sprint in 6.8 seconds. Peak torque now increases to 280Nm courtesy of a high performance Overboost feature between 2,000 rpm and 5,300 rpm. In less frenetic driving, peak torque of 260Nm is available between 1,850 rpm and 5,600 rpm. Deliveries of the John Cooper Works models to Australian customers are expected before the end of the year.

Keep reading for more details as soon as they come to hand.

MINI Reviews Tried & Tested

Tried & Tested: MINI Clubman Cooper S

MINI Clubman Cooper S

Since BMW relaunched the MINI brand in 2001 it has exceeded all expectations. This success has encouraged BMW to create plans to extend the MINI range well beyond the familiar coupe and cabrio models. The first realisation of these plans is the recently launched R55 MINI Clubman. Our friends at Rolfe Classic MINI Garage in Canberra offered AUSmotive a weekend test of a Clubman Cooper S and rather than keep our thoughts to ourselves this is what we discovered.

Firstly, as a current, and very happy, owner of a 2004 MINI Cooper S I am ideally suited to judge how well the Clubman has kept the ethos of the MINI brand, which has become such a worldwide phenomenon. However, I also understand that my experiences may leave me a little biased towards ‘my’ car, so I will do my best at bringing you a subjective and honest appraisal.

As a keen follower of the brand I have watched the progress of the Clubman from concept to production with great interest. Opinion among the MINI enthusiast community is very much divided. Some love the concept of the Clubman, others hate it. I must admit, it wasn’t until I saw the car in the flesh at the launch earlier this year that I began to take the ‘big’ MINI seriously. I had thought the styling was a bit cumbersome and not quite resolved. And while I wouldn’t say I’ve been completely won over, seeing the car for the first time did provide a more pleasing reality than I had first thought. Our test car was about to be used for a local radio promotion which explained the somewhat crude graphics all over the car. Apart from that, the hot chocolate metallic paint and silver roof works surprisingly well. It won’t be to everyone’s taste, I know, but MINI gives customers seemingly endless options when it comes to colour and trim combinations.